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Teslagrad On Wii U Was The Most Profitable Compared To Other Platforms

Rain Games CEO Peter Wingaard Meldah recently took part in an interview with Gamasutra where he offered a look back on the success of indie title Teslagrad. During the live-streamed interview (which can be viewed here), he talks about how the Wii U eShop offered good visibility for indie titles.

“There was not many titles released for [the Wii U], comparatively. Indie titles actually got a good visibility on the platform.” Meldahl stated that Teslagrad sat in each of the top two slots on Nintendo’s eShop for a couple weeks. “That wouldn’t have been the case on any other platform.”


10 thoughts on “Teslagrad On Wii U Was The Most Profitable Compared To Other Platforms”

  1. Nice…i bought this game for my Wii u too. I really did like it……hope they make a sequel.

  2. The title and quote don’t really match. Unless he said differently in the video.

    Just because it’s the top of the worst console, doesn’t mean that’s better than being mediocre among the top consoles.

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