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Michel Ancel Says Beyond Good & Evil 2 Won’t Be Re-Revealed At E3 In June

One game that we have been anxiously awaiting updates for is Beyond Good & Evil 2. People assumed it would be re-revealed at E3 in Los Angeles next month, but according to the game’s director Michel Ancel this isn’t the case. However he does say that he is hoping to unveil the ambitious adventure sometime later this year. Maybe he is saving the announcement for Paris Games Week or possibly a Nintendo Direct.

“Mhhh, not sure that E3 would be the best place to showcase Bg&e2 but we’re working on the game so sometime this year , you should hear about it!”

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      1. It was rumored to be a timed Switch by various gaming sites you pickle shaped head bastard lol

  1. If it’s late 2018 stuff it’s right to do this. It’s useless to announce a game too early. Though now we know that they are developing it. I bet it will be on Nintendo Switch too.

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