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Here’s The Full Game Overview For ARMS

Bloggers, press, and YouTubers, have gotten their hands on ARMS and impressions for the fast and frantic brawler are rolling in at quite a pace. One of those who has the game is YouTuber AbdallahSmash026 who has kindly provided a rather nice ten minute overview of the promising game which is due to be released next month. Abdallah details all the different modes you’ll come across in the retail version of the game including the grand prix mode. You can view the video, below.

4 thoughts on “Here’s The Full Game Overview For ARMS”

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  2. I know I will be in the minority, but I do like ARMS more than Mario Kart.
    Initially I was skeptic about it but after the test I saw the fun and all these modes do satisfy me. Looking forward to basketball too.
    Well, this ARMS has been a surprise.

    I do like Mario Kart, but I fire it rarely, 92% is just as a score on GameRankings, but I hope ARMS will go even higher than that.

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