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Aonuma Says That The Standard Of Zelda From Now On Will Be Open-World

Aonuma recently took part in an interview with Famitsu. One of the questions he was asked was about the next Zelda title. What would it be like? Aonuma’s response was short and simple, saying that the standard for Zelda in the future will involve open-world games. He didn’t specify anything else for Zelda’s future, but if you like open-world Zelda games, then this may be news you’ll be pleased to hear about. We’ve included a rough translation down below, so feel free to check it out.

Famitsu: Making the next Zelda game might be more difficult if you choose to make it an open-air game. What will evolve open-air? How will you make future dungeons? What will the next Zelda title be like?

Aonuma: I think that, in the future, open air games will be the standard for Zelda.


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52 thoughts on “Aonuma Says That The Standard Of Zelda From Now On Will Be Open-World”

  1. I’m fine with that. I love a lot of the old mechanics, though, so it’d be really cool to see some of the old items come back, hook shot and whatnot, and see how that incorporates with the open world and physics engine. I really like some of the old Zelda mechanics, and I hope we see a combination of the great of the old and the great of the new.

  2. NO UGH.
    If they do it again it better not be so empty and the story better not be horrible and the dungeons better not suck.

      1. You’re full of crap but you’re a fanboy, no surprise there. BOTW definitely is pretty empty for how big it is, and wayyy too much of the same tedious stuff. And the dungeons were absolutely garbage, but I’m sure you loved them right? And if you looked beyond this site you’d see there’s plenty of people who feel the game is empty and dungeons are weak. But fuck those forums, they don’t have fanboys like you to praise everything Nintendo so they must be wrong. Cause Nintendo can do no wrong, right? I’m ten shrines away from beating them all and I haven’t played in a month. Literally the first time any zelda game bored me so much I have no interest in completing it or 100%ing it. But yea, everyone who disagrees with you is full of crap, right?

        1. The guy didn’t even say anything about the dungeons. You’re just making fun of him off baseless assumptions. And there are people on other forums that think the game is empty, but there are also people who disagree. But anyone who disagrees with YOU is full of crap, isn’t that right?

      2. that is more than fine by me. of course, good old expansive dungeons need to return and we have perfection.

      3. This is not going to sit well with hardcore Zelda fans.

        But I’m all for this if it means improving on the things that Breath of the Wild has like “bigger” story related dungeons and better boss battles.

        1. ……Why?

          Both the original and Link to the Past were open world games. This isn’t a “new” thing in breath of the wild. The only reason all the games weren’t like it to begin with is technological limitations from the n64 slowly becoming design habit.

          1. Link to the past is NOT open world. It’s the game that changed that, and is considered by many to be the best one. Open world ruined 3D Zelda for me. And I love the original but Link to the Past is my favorite and I much prefer it in every way over the og. BOTW just feels like they made it big just because and the lack of a sense of progression makes it get old. Story was terrible, dungeons were a joke, 900 korok seeds were placed to try to make you keep playing but it’s just tedious after a few hundred. Landscape gets old, all the mountains look the same and climbing them got old quick. I’d much hate rather be cut off and need a hook shot to find ways to get around then just climbing everything. I could go on but typing on my phone is a pain lol. Just my opinions on the game.

        2. I’m all for the idea, but I hope they don’t just 100% copy BotW’s design. Maybe go back to some of the basics. For one, the dungeons/beasts had the same style throughout all of them, I like a little variety in my Zelda dungeons (forest, earth, etc.) and the technological feel got a bit stale by my third beast.

            1. nah. the 3ds successor would still keep the the more budgeted titles while the switch would keep the huge grand open world formula

                  1. Good for you. I’m about to drive up to Disney World for a day and the Switch is coming with me. Sure it’ll be in my backpack rather than my pocket but I started doing that with my 3DS previously as well. Same portability.

                  2. i also just want a sucessor because i dont want every nintendo game to be 60$. that 40$ price point is perfect for a lot of 3ds games

                  3. Yay!

                    For me BoTW is by far the best Zelda game. Seeing as how it very much handled open world very well (in it’s first go, no less) has me excited to see the next Zelda game and what IT will expand upon.

                    1. In its own way, wind Waker was also open world. But you have to admire the open approach to the gameplay made possible by the world structure. This kind of open world is superior in design to skyrim and others

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                  5. I dont like this at all, having an open world means limiting a lot of the designs and epic landscapes of the world in order to make it fit with the rest, also I hope they dont decide having such an empty world to be part of this new standard

                      1. The world IS empty. Enormous areas of nothing but mountains, huge fields and desert. Korok encounters don’t exactly enrich the land, and the lack of variety in enemies is really felt at 120+ hours. It’s something they need to fix for future games.

                        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                          ||They all ignore that the so called barren lands are a part of the core story and plot of the Hyrule world in this iteration…||

                      2. Just make the story and dungeons better. BotW’s exploration was good but the dungeons sucked.

                        Oh, and get better music too. I don’t care for nothing but ambiance.

                      3. As long as they make things a little more varied in the dungeons and bosses I’ll be happy. That was really the one big issue I had with BOTW as a whole.

                      4. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                        ||More different enemies and get rid off Shrines and make more temples or dungeons instead…||

                        ||Otherwise keep everything else…||

                        1. I agree, but also add the ability to swim underwater. Even in Skyrim you could swim underwater. I think there is a lot of cool things they could do with that, plus I miss a good water temple. I loved how you found the lakebed temple in Twilight Princess. It was very immersive and unfortunate similar experiences was not in BotW.

                      5. I’ll repeat what others have said s say make better dungeons and bosses for the next one.

                        The first Zelda on NES is technically open world so I wonder if they could still make a 2D game like ALBW.

                      6. REPOST: I hope open world DOES become the standard of Zelda games. Breath Of The Wild was SUPER fun from beginning to end. I wish I could forget everything about the game so I can replay it and get excited all over. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps since I finished it. Been trying to play other games, but I’m having a hard time having fun because I miss Breath Of The Wild so much. That game really grew on me.

                      7. I hope the next Zelda game is not only open world, but also a more realistic style once again. More like Ocarina Of Time and Twilight Princess. I also want to play as Princess Zelda. At least alternate between her and Link. I don’t want Zelda to be nothing but voices that Link hears, or only shown in memory flashbacks.

                      8. I think that’s a pretty terrible idea. Especially if they’re shooting for similarly sized maps. Sure, it was sort of fitting for BotW, as that vastness was part of the theme, but I really hope they reduce the map to 1/2 or even 1/3rd that size for future games. I want more environmental design to areas, more densely packed points of interest, and some restrictions to where you can go. Don’t make climbing such a big part of the game; make it an unlockable thing later on, and create specifically designed climbing surfaces.

                        Either way, I’m sure we’ll still get our dose of top-down Zeldas with linear gameplay. Otherwise we’d only be getting new games every 4-5 years or so, and that’s simply not enough to satisfy my fix.

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                      10. Sounds good to me. BotW did so many things well, but one thing that I particularly liked about it more than any other Zelda game is that it felt like an actual adventure. You wake up in the middle of a strange environment with almost no direction on where to go and then do whatever you want. This was furthered by the map system. I really like that the map doesn’t give you anything, but general topography. It forces you to actually explore and look for your own points of interest.

                        I disagree with the idea that the world feels empty, but I also think that it can’t be the same for the next game. I never felt like I was just running through the world to the next objective. Most of my time has been spent investigating things in the world that looked suspicious. It’s very easy to get distracted from the main objective while on your way to the main objective. So far, very little of this game feels like “treading water”. Also, the world in BotW perfectly matches the game’s setting. The sparse feel of it was necessary. For the next game though, I fully expect burgeoning cities along with smaller towns. This is an area that I think The Elder Scrolls handles very well. The town and cities are often interesting and have a lot to do.

                        Few other things that need to be tweaked: dungeons need to be varied, the weather system needs to be perfected (too much water 7.8/10), there needs to be surfaces that aren’t affected by rain (i.e. vines, grates, cracked walls), return of some classic items, more iconic music, an item repair system, etc.

                      11. If you only beat the game and didn’t 💯 it, you may think the game is awesome. But those who actually are completionists are the ones who see the glaring issues of this game, many of which have already been stated numerous times in this article by people who aren’t afraid to say they don’t like the new Zelda. I never want to play an open world game again after playing BOTW honestly. As stated, the world is empty. And way too much of the same old stuff. Climing mountains becomes an annoying chore. Horse riding yet again is useless. Dungeons are the worst in any zelda game. Story was embarrassing to the franchise. This game was big just to be big and show that Nintendo can do it too. Combat system was trash, literally just press Y over and over, no attacks or moves to learn. Casual zelda fans who just beat the game love it, but the hardcore who delve deep in the game aren’t enjoying it. Sorry to use those terms that fanboys hate, but it’s true. Obviously not with everyone, some hardcore players may love it and some casuals may hate it. But if you just beat the game and didn’t try completing it, your opinion means absolutely nothing.

                        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                          ||The last thing Zelda or any other Nintendo weapon needs are gigantic bosses that are mega slow and barely do anything, no thank you…||

                      12. Derp. TLOZ was open-world to begin with. It only became semi-open-world due to hardware limitations.

                        I hope they will relaease an add-on for the game. Same overworld and same engine but a new story and new towns/dungeons.

                      13. Personally, I’d like to get a smaller 2D Zelda game that takes less time to develop before waiting for the next epic 3D open world Zelda to come out. Maybe a remaster of the original Zelda.

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