Nintendo Switch

Full Nintendo Switch Online Paid Service Now Says Coming 2018 And More

The full paid service for Nintendo’s online plans was originally meant to launch this fall around the world. However, the page has now been updated to say that the full service will now be launching in 2018. It sounds as though Nintendo weren’t happy with the current plans so hopefully they may have some interesting new features to implement. We shall have to wait and see what the Kyoto-based company has to say about the matter. This means that online play will be free until 2018 which is good news.

Online lobby and voice chat

Our new dedicated smart device app will connect to Nintendo Switch and let you invite friends to play online, set play appointments, and chat with friends during online matches in compatible games─all from your smart device.

A free, limited version of this app will be available for download in summer 2017.

Classic Game Selection*

Subscribers will get to download a compilation of classic titles with added online play, such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario.


  • 1 month: $3.99
  • 3 months: $7.99
  • 12 months: $19.99



    1. They better. From the way things are shaping up now, I’d say it wasn’t going to be so great.
      Pricing seems good but Still keeping hopes down on what the service will offer overall.

    2. $20 yearly is a pretty good price honestly. Unless you’re paid pennies. …You’d probably still be able to buy it even if you were paid in pennies.

  1. I don’t know if this delay is good news or bad news.

    On one hand we have it for free for a longer period of time.
    On the other, we’ll be stuck with lackluster support.

  2. They probly saw how crappy it works and need to rework the system. Too bad they didn’t scrap that dumb app concept lol I have not met one person who thinks it’s a good idea. Wt are they thinking honestly lol

  3. $19.99 a year??? That’s the sweet spot right there……the Switch just got even better…..looking forward to it

      1. They’re making it paid online, idiot, to help stabilize online play in case it messes up or something, now take your comment and shove it down your throat!

        1. That’s even more retarded! “Give is more money so you can get basic crap that should’ve been a thing since the Wii U”. Yet judging how much of a failure the Wii U was it’s not a surprise Nintendo has to catch up. You idiots.

      2. ||You bought the PS4 impurity, you have no valid arguments to make Huckleberry Hound…||

              1. ||Master Anubis you disappoint me, the Sonyans hold you in such high esteem, show me you can do better…||

                1. Ohhh Master Anubis, I like the sound of that. Unfortunately, this will have to wait another day, the underworld is summoning me.

    1. Pay $20 extra to talk to people on your phone instead of the gaming device you’re actually using is good? Why not just use Skype, Discord, or some other existing app then?

      Nothing about this service is good and I hope the early adopters bug the hell out of Nintendo to get it right. Everything I have read so far is so counter intuitive and anti consumer. Best thing about it is a low price for something that sounds like it should be free.

      1. $20 yearly is a pretty good price honestly. Unless you’re paid pennies. …You’d probably still be able to buy it even if you were paid in pennies.

        1. $20 is cheap, sure. But would you just pay $20 extra if I made a chat app and said, “here, pay to talk through this. It doesn’t really do anything different from the other chat apps you can download on your phone but what if I scribble the word ‘Nintendo’ on it? Will you buy it now?”

          That’s basically what Nintendo is doing.

          1. Well basically, if I pay extra, that would be 40$. So, Nintendo know what there doing. They are trying to give us some few changes for there online program.

      2. Online play was always meant to be paid and subscribed, it was just that Nintendo didn’t catch up to PS4 and Xbox just to give the Wii U online play a special bonus, you have taken it for granted my friend

        1. I don’t care about paying for online. I do it for PS4 and Xbox. That’s not the problem with Nintendo’s so-called Network and app.

      3. You’re not paying for the app. You’re paying for online play. The app is just one of the features. You can use Skype, Discord, or whatever you want; but you still have to pay $20 to play online.

        1. And use the app as part of that online service. Let’s be real, Nintendo doesn’t really have many games with online play and the ones that are there tend to suffer from connection and stability issues.

          1. I was only saying that the voice chat isn’t really what you’re paying for; like it’s not the main feature of this service. I think more Nintendo games have online functionality than you might realize. To name a few recently: Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Monster Hunter, Xenoblade, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Pokken, multiple past Pokemon games, Kid Icarus, the last two Metroids on DS, Fire Emblem, and maybe Pikmin 3? Don’t remember, but I think there are only a few main Nintendo IPs left that haven’t gotten some kind of online play.

            Also, you mentioned the stability issues with online Nintendo games (which I haven’t personally experienced outside of a couple minor instances), but isn’t that the point of payed online; so that companies can improve their online infrastructure? If Nintendo’s plan is to use the subscription revenue to fix any network problems they have, isn’t it worthwhile?

            1. I was talking about Switch games. There are few out and few announced. Of course there are more Nintendo games with multiplayer over several devices.

              1. In that case we have to wait until the service rolls out in 2018 to see what online games will be there when the service launches. There are only a few now, but we already know that several more are coming later this year and next year; and E3 is just around the corner. There are a few rumored games that should have online multiplayer, if they turn out to be real.

    2. $20 is fine, but I rather pay a bigger premium for more features. This just seems lackluster. I hope they announced more features, or explain these in better detail, because as of right now, im not very interested in it.

  4. $20 a year ain’t bad. i suspect that’s what everyone’s gonna go for cause the other deals suck lmao. besides that i hope the online old games are good and that the phone app doesn’t suck.

    1. What other services ? The “other services” my dear friend offering Great online features while Nintendo telling you go buy a smart phone if you like voice chat. also if you like to play witcher 3..GO BUY ps4 ……

      1. Holy shit it finally happened. The PlayStation itself finally joined this blog site. The weirdest shit happens on this website. I swear to god sickr, your blog site will cause the apocalypse one day, mark my words.

      2. its waste when someone likes you makes legit points but has a name like playstation just so your argument can be thrown out the window

        you dont need to play the console war troll when nintendo is actually making bad decisions

      3. Playstation? Pfffft, more like, Wimpstation! Your precious PS4 is gonna lose! Nintendo is going $20.00 full year of online service! DEAL WITH IT YOU NINTENDO HATING, UGLY, EGG SUCKING FREAK!

      4. A guy called Playstation and tries to talk here is not welcome. You better go to the PissStation Playstation news before I or the commander will destory you :D.

      5. So tell me, precisely what is the bare bones lowest price you can pay on PSN to play games online at all, regardless of other features?

  5. This machine doesn’t even got a natural voice chat…and this shit company will dare to make a Online Paid?
    Well done Shitendo with your new shit device again…

      1. Do we really need to try? It’s too easy at this point and you guys still fall for it hahahahahahaa

      2. They’ve got a point though, making an app to voice chat when it would be easier to use a headset for something like that. Like what the hell?

      3. Who said. Was trolling? Why do I have to pay for an app just to use voice chat?
        That’s dumb. And don’t even try to bring up Playstation because even if you don’t have Playstation Plus, you can still use voice chat, conveniently.

    1. $20 yearly is a pretty good price honestly. Unless you’re paid pennies. …You’d probably still be able to buy it even if you were paid in pennies.

    2. You’re one to talk, foul mouthed freak. You’re just upset that Nintendo’s services are FAR cheaper then the Wimpstation 4’s!

      1. This is the reasson why the nintendo fans are always the WORST. IF some bring facts to the face on the fans then you people call them “sonyans” or “xbots” This is bullshit.
        Nintendrones are the worst cancer blind fanboys in the world on any direction..even worst than justin bieber fans

        1. Ok so I’m assuming you’re responding to my other post, and not this one. It seems you’ve made a few glaring errors.

          1) Saying “you people”. So far I’ve not yet taken one side or the other in this matter. I never said that I was happy with the online service, and I have not yet disagreed with anyone for being unhappy with it. Furthermore, I have never in my history on this site, nor in my life, called anyone a sonyan or an xbot. Look at the comments. There are Nintendo fans here that are unhappy with the service. By lumping all Nintendo fans into the same group, you’re showing a massive amount of ignorance. How can you possibly complain about people calling others sonyans and xbots, and then call all Nintendo fans Nintendrones?

          2) I’m not entirely sure what facts you are referring to in this matter. It seems to me that this online service is a subjective matter. Whether it is a good deal or not depends on the user, as is the case with all consumer services. I’m not sure there are any facts to be argued here.

          3) There are blind fanboys in every camp. It seems to me that the Nintendo ones may have been louder in recent years due to the hard times the company has faced, but I assure you that they are just as bad, if not worse, coming from Sony or Microsoft. I’d even wager that there are a lot more blind Playstation fanboys than Nintendo fanboys. Simple probability and the ratio of PS fans to Nintendo fans would suggest that. They’re just not as prevalent because PS is doing so well right now. Look back to the early days of the PS3 for some good examples.

          4) You spelled “reason” wrong.

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  6. Actually wrong…Well done to the fans who can tolerate this bullshit…well done to nintendo fans..i hope the switch will die like WIi u and then Nintendo can learn or be destroyed!

    1. ….Uhm? Shouldn’t ypu be somewhere enjoying your PS4 WITH ALL IT’S GREAT TITLES & Extremely Overpriced Add On PLAYSTATION VR?

      The fact you’re giving time to dump on NINTENDO is “mind boggling”. Lmao

      1. Its probably the same troll that’s been on this site for years. Probably gamingfan20XX having to change his name because of how hard he’s been owned countless times on here.

      2. Anyone hearing this wind? I hear wind saying: “I’m an idiot cause I hate Nintendo and want it to just die!” No? Huh, guess it was wind.

      3. Virtual Reality is dead, TrollStation Whore. Why don’t you troll someplace else like NeoGAF, IGN or in Hell?

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      1. It seems i fall in a Nintendrone’s ghetto living in their own delusional reality when nintendo is something worthy.

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    3. In all seriousness, whether you’re joking or not, I take issue with you calling Nintendo fans the worst, while trolling on a Nintendo site. I never hear about Nintendo fans going on other websites to bash MS or Sony. Maybe it happens, but I’m not aware of it. On the other hand, I constantly see MS and Sony fans taking time to troll Nintendo, and I see more general, all-around bashing come out of those two groups. Sony is on the top of the world right now. There’s no one even remotely close to their success in the home market, yet I still see PS fans taking time to bash everyone else. Why come on this site to bash a company you don’t care about? In my opinion, a mindless, delusional drone simply defending the company they love is far more appealing than a sore winner.

      1. ||I was created exactly because of these vermin, to combat the growing threat against Nintendo during the late period of the Wii…||

      2. Don’t take issue with it, he’s just a troll, and a terrible one at that. These trolls would be far more effective if they had a better grasp of the English language that they are trying to speak in. lololololol

      1. Not much really. Just a little poke for the delay of the paid online. Personally it doesn’t affect me, just messing around. Don’t worry. I’m not going Thanos or PlayStation.

  7. Glad they allow the bonus games to be keep permanently instead of only for a month (which Kotaku addressed).

    That’s one thing I’ve liked about PlayStation Plus.

    1. I have a feeling it won’t work exactly like that. I think it’s going to be more like Netflix where there will be a steady stream of monthly rotating content. It will keep things more fresh and will make the online user base more consistent. Just my guess though, it’s not like I have an uncle that works at Nintendo or anything.

            1. lol wat? Was that supposed to be an insult? Personally, I don’t even like using voice chat so that bullshit doesn’t effect me. But I’m totally willing to pay $1.67 a month to play Mario Kart and Splatoon online, not to mention the ongoing access to the retro games with newly implemented online functionality sounds pretty dope. 😁

    2. $20 yearly is a pretty good price honestly. Unless you’re paid pennies. …You’d probably still be able to buy it even if you were paid in pennies.

    3. ||They are not permanent, they are gone once you cancel your subscription, ergo you are still only borrowing them…||

  8. 20$ a year or 4$ a month. godamn worth it and on top of this we get it free until 2018. how to do paid online right

    1. It’s pretty redundant. Download an app on your phone. Pay for the app so you can talk through the app on your phone. Oooor, use one of a dozen great free apps and just chat that way.

      1. Yeah but you’re also paying to play the games online and you’re getting access to the classic games to play online with people every month. Personally, I’m not a fan of voice chat and will probably rarely use it. The app feature that can schedule play sessions might be kind of cool though. If it was $20 a year for voice chat only and it was actually on the console itself I still wouldn’t bother with it, I’m more interested in all the other features.

        1. Nintendo needs to prove that the app and service is worth it first, kind of like what PlayStation did. They waited a whole generation after their online service launched before charging.

          At least I think they understand this a little bit now that they’re delaying the service to 2018.

      2. I get your concern, but none of us had used it yet. It could be more convenient than using skype or any chat app. And I’m not sure if the actual app will cost money, I think it’s more like hulu or Netflix; download it and it’s free, but you have to buy a subscription to Nintendos online service. But idk. That part is still unclear.

        1. What could be more convenient is actually not needing a separate device and app to do what has been standardized the past decade.

          The app will be part of the service and you’ll need to pay to use those functions on the app.

          1. What I’m saying is that you never know. This actually could be more convenient to you. Nowadays everyone’s carries around a smart phone or smart device. Are you not commenting to me through your smart phone?

            & trust me, I’d rather have it the way you want. But this seems to be one of the compromises that comes with having a hybrid console, and let’s be real; the hybrid nature of the console is truly something special.

            & my point with that last part is that I don’t think the app itself will cost money. Pay the $20 for a year of online (which is a very fair price that you can’t yet complain about) and get the features of the app. I don’t see an issue with this either.

            1. No. I was replying to you through my laptop, actually.

              This has nothing to do with the system being a hybrid.

              But as I said in other comments, hopefully Nintendo learns and makes changes over time.

                    1. I’m not dancing around anything. Your point was that we always use our smartphones and devices because we always have them around. You assumed I was replying to you on a smart phone. I was not.

                      If I’m using my Switch, it will not be convenient to use another device to have a so-called complete experience. It should be built in to the system software. There’s no way it could be more convenient having to use a separate app over everything being on the Switch. None at all.

  9. I bet you 20 bucks that people will instantly stop complaining about the mic thing (for now) and start praising the nintendo switch again like the fickle things they are. it just takes one bad press to make them change their minds again.~

        1. What’s strawman about it? You say the fans are fickle, hating everything but then accepting it later on, but they’re not. The mic problem is a legitimate issue that needs to be addressed and handled better.

      1. Here’s the difference bub. First off, I never complained about amiibo festival because i didn’t care about it. And Metroid fans (including myself) are still pissed over that game and will be till the series finally gets some love again and we get a good game for it. Try again.

        1. I feel like we’re trying to argue about the same points here. Ah well, I’m hoping we get a nice Metroid game for this E3 too. I’m also crossing my fingers for a new mainline Pokemon game annuncement, even asked the day off to watch the livestream.

  10. I’m actually pretty excited about the online play for old games, this will be the first time I’ll get Balloon Fight in years just for that feature. I hope they announce gamebcube vc soon though.

  11. $20 yearly is a pretty good price honestly. Unless you’re paid pennies. …You’d probably still be able to buy it even if you were paid in pennies.

  12. Everyone’s talking about how low the price is. Yes. $20 a year is nothing but what do you get for $20 a year? The free games are okay but that’s the only incentive I see. The app and voice chat is ridiculous.

  13. $20 bucks a year? I’m in, that seems like a sweet spot for pricing. But I wonder why they pushed back the start date, not that I’m complaining… Maybe there will be more to it?

    …What if the Switch rewards on My Nintendo (once they finally show up) include using gold coins to pay for yearly subscriptions? That sounds like fine use of them if you ask me.

    1. I doubt the gold coin thing will happen and I kind of hope it doesn’t. I’d rather them use our subscription payments to continue to improve upon the online and make sure it always runs smooth. I’d love for once in my life to play smash online completely lag free lol

  14. ||Everything depends on the servers themselves, anything else is just extra…||

  15. People who are complaining right now have taken online play on the wii U for granted, Nintendo is making the right decisions to better the system at a very low price. 20 dollars is nothing, and I like how I can have a smartphone app linked to my switch, easy ways to play is always great. I don’t use voicechat so it doesn’t bother me

  16. The damage control is strong in this article.
    If this was all they were offering for online no wonder they weren’t ready, pitiful really. They better try to at least match the competition.

  17. I hope this doesn’t also mean a delay for the launch of the Virtual Console. It would so easily make the Switch such an amazing portable overnight.

  18. I’m fine with the delay. More time to use the Switch online multiplayer for free. I can live without the extra features

  19. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    From what I’ve heard of the online, I’m glad they are delaying it & I hope they use the delay to make it better. As it stands right now, I’ll just not bother paying 20 bucks for online & just forsake all multiplayer games on Switch along with 3rd party multiplats til they make it more on par with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. Cloud storage & a universal account system better be a thing, though! If my Switch craps out & all of my shit is lost again because it’s fucking locked to the damn console, I’m not doing Nintendo ever again til they grow a damn brain. Going all in with PlayStation won’t be so bad since I got a huge backlog on my PS4 already & it’s only growing as more interesting games come out in the next year or so for PS4. I wish I could have said the same for Wii & Wii U but I never had to worry about falling behind in the games I want to play. I should have forsaken the Wii U back in it’s first year & got a PS4 as soon as it released so I could have avoided this backlog. *shrug* Oh well.

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