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ARMS’ Producer Says Luffy From One Piece Won’t Be In The Game

A Game Informer interview with ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki and art director Masaaki Ishikawa had a very interesting question that was asked over halfway into the interview. At one point, the Game Informer crew ask them if Luffy from One Piece would be a possible character to add post-release. This is because Luffy has arms that extend, similar to the characters in ARMS. However, Yabuki’s response was simple. The universes are different, so it wouldn’t happen. The entire quote is below.

Can one of those characters be Luffy from One Piece? He seems like he would fit in that universe.

Yabuki: I guess now that you mention it, Luffy’s arms do extend huh? I didn’t really think of that. But unfortunately, the world of Arms and the world that Luffy lives in are different worlds, so I don’t think he will be in this game.


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    1. That’s actually way more liable to happen than a One Piece crossover. We had Ryu in Smash so obviously Nintendo and Capcom already have a good relationship.

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      1. Yeah a good relationship…. and Capcom announced Megaman Legacy 2 NOT FOR SWITCH OR 3DS. GREAT RELATIONSHIP CRAPCOM CAPCOM.


  1. Lol it would be so random but I would love to see it. Of course they would have to get the permission from Bamco or whoever owns the rights so it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth for Nintendo


    1. If anything I would have loved to see a collaboration with Capcom by adding Bionic Commando, Dark Stalkers’s Anakaris or, better yet, Street Fighter’s Dhalsim or SF3’s Necro, these characters would have been much easier to get in Arms than Luffy because Capcom and Nintendo love collaborating and I’m pretty sure Capcom would have jumped at the chance to have their characters in more fighting games without putting in any extra work.
      Damn now that I said that I really want Necro and Dhalsim in Arms now.


    2. Now that I think about it they could collaborate with Platinum and put Bayonetta in Arms as well since she could use her hair, but they already Twintelle and I love beating the hell out of people with her lol:D
      Still Bayo could be a nice addition anyway, plus they could implement her Amiibo into Arms as well.


  2. If the game does become very popular then why not also add the many forms of Majin Buu, obviously dumbed down for obvious reasons (we don’t want either of them blowing up the planet), might wanna also include Namekians and dumbed down.


      1. Don’t get me wrong but. Anime characters cannot be compared with Videogame characters. Just read the term. Anime, Videogame.

        These two words meaning two different things and also 2 different world.

        I agree with the director of ARMS saying it’s 2 different universe and it is.

        Also ANime characters can ruin the game because let’s be honest, if you see a match Luffy versus Twintelle and see Twintelle win, anime people will rage because they will say this is stupid forgeting that’s only a videogame.

        For me anime characters must be in their videogames or in their crossovers but not in crossover of videogames characters.




    In smash bros people says: HEY NINTENDO, why don’t you put Naruto, Ichigo and other crazy stuff in the game? BECAUSE THEY ARE ANIME CHARACTERS!!!




    1. You can’t really compare the two. Sakurai has a rule against characters that didn’t originate in a video game first for Smash. We don’t know if they have such a rule for ARMS. That & ARMS isn’t a Nintendo crossover game but it’s own original IP, like Splatoon. And speaking of Splatoon, Squid Girl got in that game if I remember correctly & she’s an anime character. Same could happen with ARMs if they ever feel inclined to do so.


      1. But Splatoon appears first as a videogame and then it appears a manga. ARMS is the Nintendo IP but the question is why people still insist to want anime characters in videogames where isn’t a crossover videogame.

        Oh wait I know why. Marvel vs Capcom…….


      2. I can’t blame them, though. I wouldn’t mind Link & Inuyasha going at it if they are ever in a crossover that isn’t Smash.


  4. If they decide to get Luffy in there, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to since Bandai Namco seems to be on good terms with Nintendo.


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