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The ARMS Team Thank People For Playing The Global Testpunch

By the sounds of it quite a few of you went hands-on with ARMS in the Global Testpunch which took place both this weekend and last weekend. The ARMS team have acknowledged this and have produced an illustration to thank fans for taking part in the demo for the fast paced brawler. ARMS releases on the Nintendo Switch on June 16th.




      1. I mean not always, street fighter often involves a lot of zoning. The testpunch seemed like every one was always in rushdown mode, like everyone was just coming out ARMS swinging

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    1. Right? I had one guy (Mechanica vs Springman) who ALL he tried were grabs. Got me twice before I realized that’s all he was going for. Became so predictable all I had to do was jump when he tried grabbing and hovering while raining Revolver shots from above.

      “Justice RAINS from above!”

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      1. Lol yea it’s easy to dodge at least but wt bothers me about grabs is the amount of damage done. They definitely need to reduce the damage,You can literally k.o. if you manage to land a couple of spammed grabs


    2. A lot of people seemed to depend on grab, and they were terrible. The only time I found myself throwing a grab was off a stun or freeze, or in very close range when they threw a block or had both punches out. I mostly played the two heavies and loved swatting all the Ninjaras trying to jump dash forward into a grab. Grabs are hard to land and should have a big pay off if you manage to exploit an opening like that.


  1. I think the only way this game could get my attention is if it had an amazing single player campaign, with an in depth story. But knowing Nintendo I don’t see this happening.


    1. To be fair, most fighting games don’t have a massive focus on single-player stuff (there are exceptions, but not a whole lot). Fighting games are most coveted for their multiplayer capability- A.I. can’t match the unpredictability of human opponents.


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