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Pokemon Duel Has Been Updated To 3.0.10

Updates to released Nintendo-related mobile games have been constant this past week, and that trend continues with a new update for Pokemon Duel. The game has been updated to version 3.0.10. The focus on this update was to polish the game with rebalancing and bug fixes. However, there is also some new content added in the game that you may be interested to check out. Speaking of checking things out, feel free to check out a list we’ve included down below that contains details on the update.

  • requires 163MB of space
  • required to update in order to play the game
  • contains various bug fixes
  • balance updates for the Lugia, Feraligatr, Mudkip, Larvitar, Diglett and Carvanha
  • added various brand new figures
  • EX Figures are Swampert, Seismitoad & Suicune
  • R Figures are Marshtomp, Stunfisk & Sharpedo
  • UC Figures are Palpitoad, Tympole, Seaking, Goldeen & Crawdaunt
  • added a new Orange Time Booster which are guaranteed to hold Water-type or Ground-type Pokémon
  • added Sextuple Booster for a limited time to celebrate the 20 million downloads milestone
  • added a new Plate which works based on Water and Ground-type Pokémon

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