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Chemical Plant Zone Is Confirmed For Sonic Mania

One of the most promising games this summer is the forthcoming Sonic Mania which is a joint effort between Headcannon and Pagoda Wes Games. US gaming publication Game Informer recently got a sneak peek of one of the new retro levels added to Sonic Mania which is Chemical Plant Zone. You can check out some footage of the stage, below.


      1. ||Some can be as good or better, but that’s rare…||

  1. Looks nice but yeah it’s basically the same as the original more or less.

    I am buying this but I’m not hyped for it. it’s just using old stages some of which we’ve already played a million times already so I don’t really see the overall appeal tbh.

    Sonic Forces is the game I’m excited about.

  2. The music in Sonic’s video sounds good, tails’ not so much. Looks great though, and apparently you can’t go under the water this time??? Here’s to hoping.

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