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Kirby Is Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2018

Today is the big day for Nintendo and they have announced that there’s a brand Kirby game coming to their latest and greatest platform. The game isn’t due until 2018 but is sure to be chock full of innovation.


    1. I’m for real though, I played all these games before most people around here were born. Every reaction I posted was the first thing that came to me when I saw the footage, so it’s from the heart.

      1. I’ve been on Nintendo platforms since the NES. I haven’t played a Kirby game since then, and this new one looks really good. I thoroughly enjoyed both Xenoblade Chronicles games, so I’m looking forward to this one. I’m interested in Mario+Rabbids now that I’ve seen what it is. Odyssey is a given. Metroid has me crazy excited. I really want to get back into Zelda with the new DLC. I’m preety much sold on FE Warriors at this point. The only real disappointment for me is that nothing was shown of Metroid, but the Switch has 5 new games coming later this year that I’m excited for, plus what’s been announced for 2018 and beyond.

      2. Mario looks 10 times better than Kirby and Yoshi. Xenoblade looks like fun but the graphics could be waaaaaay better on another console enhancing the experience. Mario+Rabbids if its RPG I would probally buy it. Metroid obviously just a ridiculous announcement. Zelda is Zelda ofcourse I would play it but it ain’t a full game, every major game I play on my ps4 had DLC. FE Warrior oké-ish just looks bad and we haven’t seen anything ingame. What i’m missing are all the major third party games that Sony and Microsoft have shown most of those games are of higher quality than these Nintendo games aswell besides Mario who is on par with them.

    2. When I see the new Mario i’m looking at the Real Nintendo I know and love , still let down by the fact that it could have looked even better on a good console, and it’s just one game not to mention the complete lack of major third party games shown by sony and microsoft.

  1. I think it’s adorable and looks fun. I hope it’s focused on actual Single Player, though, and not mainly meant to be enjoyed as co-op.

  2. It’s amazing how much love Kirby has gotten in recent years. He’s been all over the 3DS and even got a Wii U game. God bless the pink puffball.

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