Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Will Be Coming To The Switch In Winter This Year

More gameplay for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has just been featured in the Nintendo E3 spotlight today, this will be uploaded to the post once the archive has been added to Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel. The game has also now been announced to be arriving this Winter, however a specific date has not been given.

You can check out a snippet of the footage in the Tweet below:



    1. That’s what I’ve been saying ever since the initial reveal. I really don’t understand how it can look so…outdated. In some ways, it looks worse than the first game on the Wii. I definitely preferred the art style of that game

  1. God it’s like the character designs get worse with every entry with this franchise. I hate the style so much I’m actually not gonna buy this and I LOVE LOVE Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and even spent over 300 hours in Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’m so disappointed by how ugly the style is. I can’t look at this for that many hours.

    Wow, I didn’t think I’d be turned off this bad. I played x and that game has the most dead eyed npcs. You obliterated me, Monolith.

  2. I love Xenoblade, but even I have to admit the art style is atrocious. That said I’m still getting it, and will probably live story.

    1. You can tell that Nintendo still doesn’t have confidence in a jrpg game for the west by the way this game looks. Relying on fanservice is developers hoping that atleast niche otakus will buy it. Yikes. Its like they’re not even trying to get the kind of general audience western rpgs go for anymore.

      1. But this is a developer with high experience… just underdelivering, that producer should be sacked. It has demolished all my interest for the title.

  3. The character design is very Tales-esque but this is by no means bad.

    The cel shading effect on the character models looks nice and compared to the first Xenoblade’s graphics (ahem painted eyes) , this is most def a huge step. Also, monolith usually paid more attention to the landscapes and fields and I can’t wait to try them on.

    1. I prefer the character designs in the first game way more. Characters were more distinguished from each other in that game. Like graphically, ya, we’ve come a long way but style was more interesting. The fact it looks like indistinguishable from another jrp serious with a load of entries is a sad step back imo

  4. I love the art style & can’t wait to get this game. *sighs with relief that this is most likely coming this year in December* Switch won’t be a Zelda & Mario machine this year after all.

      1. Give it a shot. It might pull a Wind Waker & be so awesome you forget how much you hated the art style & may even actually appreciate it. (I HATED Wind Waker’s art style back in the day, but I quickly changed my mind when I watched the trailer on the Ocarina of Time Master Quest preorder bonus when that music hit.)

        1. Please don’t compare this to wind waker. Like the characters look great in that game and more unique and expressive than this generic style. I’m goid. I’ve decided to get Monster Hunter World instead anyway

          1. My point is hating a game because of the art style alone is a foolish thing to do as it could be one of the best things you’ve ever played as you get lost in the gameplay to the point of forgetting you even hated the art style to begin with. To this day, I still feel Wind Waker is the best of the pre-BotW Zelda games.

            Besides, it’s not like this game is FedshitForce where the art style is completely unfit for the franchise (every entry has had a specific artstyle up til FedshitForce) & the gameplay is just as bad while also having the worst Samus ever (she gets fucking captured then gets brainwashed or whatever to fight the new good guys & this is done by the Space Pirates, the very species she went into a planet sized base of & totally kicked their asses, on two different planets with one being their HOME PLANET of all places.)

            1. The combat looks the same. I’m sure it plays fine but It’s my cash, I have plenty I want to play, and I feel comfortable not picking it up. Aesthetics are part of the style and communication and I can have valid and strong opinions about it. I’ll be fine.

              1. Hence my second comment with the shrug as it’s ultimately your choice. I’m not gonna be a Nintendo fanboy & diss your opinion/choice.

                1. I love Nintendo games and the other Xenoblade Games, I simply don’t find this one interesting and will skip it. Perhaps a later installment will be more appealing. I’m way more interested in Mario Odyssey for upcoming titles. I looked amazing during the spotlight. I’ll save my cash for that purchase! *o*

                  1. Understandable. I skipped over XCX (mainly because I gave up on Wii U around that game’s release.)

          2. But if you want to skip what could be a great game in a franchise I’m assuming you love since you named yourself xenoblade over the art style alone… *shrug* (If I meet an alternate reality version of myself who skipped Wind Waker because of the art style alone, I’d honestly have to kick their ass. lol)

  5. You should really not skip the game because of the art style. Definitely don’t do that because I’m pretty sure it will be good. I’ve heard good things about the other games.

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