Nintendo Pokemon Switch

Core RPG Pokemon Game Coming to Nintendo Switch In The Future

The Pokémon Company has confirmed that there’s a brand new core Pokémon game coming to the Nintendo Switch. The company has said that the game is a long way off so it’s something to look forward to.



      1. Because a world of warcraft style Pokemon would be the Ultimate kind of Pokemon battle against people you meet ingame with your hard build team. You should google it ALLOT of people have been asking for it for years. Money doesn’t matter, if its done right you won’t be buying any other games and you will spend 2 years of your life in real hours on it.


  1. “Won’t release for more than a year”. Sounds like they’ll be releasing it in late 2018, then. Three years should be the minimum between Pokémon generations, in my opinion.


  2. Man, about goddamn time. Definitely looking forward to this. Maybe if they hadn’t wasted resources on those new Sun/Moon iterations, this would be coming sooner, but oh well. Excited about it either way.

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    1. Careful. Someone is gonna bitch that “you people gotta find something to complain about, huh.”

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  3. Unless GameFreak is gonna get a lot of outside help, I don’t expect this game for quite some time. They’ve been stuck with handhelds, inferior systems to home consoles, for over 20 years now, so I suspect them to have a few issues, if not a lot, during development of this.

    I concur with Namie, too. This would probably be coming sooner if they didn’t waste time on Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon which sadly seem to just be enhanced versions of the originals. I hope they don’t use Marshadow as an exclusive bonus for getting Ultra Sun/Moon to blackmail people like me into getting them. Hopefully I’m wrong & Ultra Sun/Moon is actually a sequel instead of a retelling of the original Sun & Moon games.


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