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Metroid Prime 4 Coming Now In Development For The Switch

The Nintendo E3 Spotlight has revealed that Metroid Prime 4 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Further details on the title have yet to be announced, but we will keep you posted as soon as we know more.


  1. ||Can’t you feel death when you see it Xbots? THIS IS MY HOUR||

          1. That really crossed my mind. D:

            There is always a possibility they are keeping the gameplay or even a cinematic trailer for the Treehouse event…

            Hum… Me wishful thinking, I guess… :(

              1. Last year the Treehouse event was something like 5-6 hours long, if I remember correctly, although I don’t personally pay too much attention to these live streaming events.

                Well, even if we don’t get more detail on Prime 4, at least we know the game will see the light of the day further down the road. Also, now I know I’ll get a Switch some day — I was about to skip it completely as I cannot get hyped about it.

                In time: did you grab one for yourself already?

                1. No. I am waiting for at least a year. I need to see more games that interest me, plus I graduate next Spring, so until then, not much gaming going on for me.

                  1. Same here. I won’t get mine until Metroid releases.

                    I wish you the best of luck on your last year in college!

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      1. …..Seriously!? Trying to drag me into your cult when I’ve never even been initiated, much less even joined it……. Hell! I don’t even have an Xbox! Oh fuck it. I don’t care. Do what ya want.

    2. Reggie: Can you feel it, Microsoft, closing in on you? Oh, I can. I really should thank you, after all it was your company that taught me the purpose of the Xbox division. The purpose of the Xbox is to end.

      1. ||At last, the power of The First Order will be felt far and wide…||

      1. WC4 is up. Diablo will be getting its Necro expansion, doubt we will be seeing D4 any time soon. I think it will be WarCraft 4 –> StarCraft 3 –> Diablo 4

  2. Finally I have a good reason to eventually get a Switch. Let’s only hope it’s not end up being a BoTW push back-story all over again.

    1. Same here. I’m sure we’ll see a new hardware version of switch before this game is released. I’ll get a Metroid Prime Switch bundle. And not a god damn moment sooner.

      1. Will Nintendo dare to upgrade the Switch…?


        Gee, makes total sense. Although they have been doing it for their handhelds, and not for their home consoles.

        Oh, wait… The Switch is a hybrid… :S


        I won’t be getting the Switch soon either. I’m sure we still have a gigantic backlog of games to play on the Wii U (actually, not that much on it, but still), PS4 and Xbox One.

        1. You know… I really don’t know if they will upgrade Switch. You’re right in that we don’t really see home console upgrades… so IDK. maybe not!

      2. Why delay the inevitable? The only revision I see coming soon is a Switch mini alongside Pokémon.

    1. Far above par for a big 3 e3 presentation. Several completely new title announcements for games that will help define the console generation. Not much in the way of artwork to show, but artwork is significantly less important than learning about the games themselves.

      Most E3 presentations need to stretch to get 1 completely new announcement that people really care about. This had many.

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  3. HYPE.

    At first I couldn’t tell what I was looking at, and then “wait a sec, is that- oh yeah, that’s the Metroid logo.


    Too bad that’s all we got, but it’s reassuring to at least know they’re FINALLY on the right track with Metroid again. Most likely.

    1. ||I almost destroyed myself, my entire system went ballistic…||

  4. Yes! I knew from the moment the stylized S started forming. I can’t believe there’s nothing to show though. Retro has apparently been working on some unknown project for quite a while. If it was this then how is it that they have nothing to show?

  5. A place holder, lol. It is so costly to do a trailer with CG just for the occasion? Even if unrelated with the final game…

    1. What a waste that would be. If you don’t have anything about the game to show, the announcement is far preferable to a fake trailer.

    2. I’m guessing, if they really want the Switch to keep selling, they HAD to ammounce Metroid. Who knows if they even started yet. I hope we get the game before 2020. But then, for a true, quality Metroid 4, I’d wait another 5 years. I mean, that is how long it took WiiU owners to get Zelda.

  6. Don’t buy the Switch just yet if you were waiting for Metroid Prime 4. This could still be many years out. I’d love it if it came out sometime next year but I’m not gonna foolishly hold my breathe, either. Least I should be pretty busy til it comes out since I got my entire PS4 backlog along with future titles & a few other Switch games.

    My only real issue is the fact it’s another prime game. I wish this sub-franchise had died with Dark Samus who was pretty much the namesake of the trilogy. But maybe they’ll reveal a new Metroid Prime, of sorts, in 4.

    More importantly, let’s hope it fucking retcons that bullshit FedshitForce did with Samus getting captured & brainwashed to fight the marines in that game. I wish a week in hell for the idiot that had that stupid, shitty idea!

      1. I’m hoping it pulls a Super Mario Odyssey & comes out sooner than we expected so mid to late 2018 for my current prediction.

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