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Castlevania Studio’s New Shooter Raiders Of The Broken Planet Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch

The next game from Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow developer MercurySteam, Raiders of the Broken Planet, is not coming to Nintendo Switch. During E3 2017 this week, studio co-owner and game director Enric Alvarez explained that this decision was influenced by how Nintendo’s latest console wasn’t included in MercurySteam’s plans from the beginning of the upcoming shooter’s development cycle.



      1. I care , for me this is another reason to never buy the switch just like I did with the WII U. Been supporting Nintendo since day one but I like to play games. Not just Nintendo games and my little pony third party.

  1. even so they could just go to nintendo and say “hey, you want us to make games for your console? the more 3rd parties/indies the better” and nintendo will answer but it is up to them. i get that nintendo has to go to them for games but its also true in reverse.

    1. ||Metroid is always better, except that virus one…||

  2. An exact quote here would be helpful. What’s implied doesn’t make a ton of sense. They didn’t plan on a Switch port when they started development, so now it simply won’t be coming to Switch? There’s no chance of this changing in the future?

  3. Good thing Castlevania died many years ago, then, so it doesn’t actually matter. Bloodstained is already worth approximately 50 times more than any official new “Castlevania”.

  4. I think everyone is missing the bigger issue: why should anyone care about a god damn shooter Castlevania game? Did Capcom learn nothing from the backlash Resident Evil 6, and RE5 to an extent, got for being too much 1st person shooter?

    1. Ah crap! I forgot the article was about a new IP from a Castlevania developer, not Castlevania itself! (Our power kept popping up so I had to let the computer sit for a couple of minutes.)

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