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HORI Will Be Releasing A USB Keyboard For The Switch In Japan

The company HORI, who are well known for creating console accessories, will be releasing a USB keyboard for the Nintendo Switch in Japan.

The keyboard is 285mm in length, which is 46mm longer than the Switch’s tablet, and will be retailed at 2,980 yen. Here’s an image of the keyboard set up, whilst the Switch is docked:


The keyboard will be able to be used with various different games, and also for chatting online.  It’s due for release in September this year in Japan, but there’s no news on whether this accessory will also be released in the West.



  1. Perfect for web browsing!

    Now if only we could play PC games like Undertale, Spark the Electric Jester, Mother 4, AM2R (even if Samus Returns is now a thing), Pokemon Uranium, etc.

  2. I got a wireless keyboard that works with both my PS4 & Switch so I don’t need this. Did I mention it’s wireless? :D

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