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Super Mario Odyssey Will “Probably” Have Multiplayer

While Super Mario 3D World was revealed primarily as a multiplayer game, the latest 3D Mario game has been shown off as a single-player experience. However, an interview with Super Mario Odyssey’s producer and director has teased a multiplayer mode in the Nintendo Switch platformer. When asked by Time Magazine about a potential multiplayer mode, Kenta Motokura was said how it “probably” would have one. This is an incredibly strange answer, Motokura refusing to confirm anything. Do you think this confirms Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer? Tell us below.

“This is a game for the Nintendo Switch, so probably. But I’m afraid we can’t share anything about that today.”




  1. Huh. I wonder how any multiplayer would work in this one; it’s not like it can be like the “co-op” present in both Mario Galaxy games.

    Not to mention this looks like a game that requires one player to use both Joy-Cons to control properly- good luck moving the camera around with one Joy-Con.


    1. Simple solution would be to throw in Luigi, Peach, and Toad and give them their own hats. BAM! Multiplayer.

      Or, maybe the hat is Mario’s unique character-perk, so the other characters can have their own special abilities (Luigi has poltergust 5000, Peach can fly, Toad can walk up walls [like his Wario’s Woods appearance]).


  2. That is a weird answer. Especially for a came coming out in 4 months. Also this does look more like a single player only game. Unless they put in special mini games, how would multiplayer work here?

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