Nintendo Switch

Here’s Some Delightful Footage Of Yoshi Running On Nintendo Switch

As I’m sure many of you saw, the charming Yoshi for Nintendo Switch was demonstrated on the Nintendo Treehouse stream yesterday. The game isn’t destined to come to the platform until next year and features interactive two-dimensional backgrounds which play an integral part of the game. Here’s the footage that was showcased, just incase you missed it!

Thanks to Christopher B for the tip!



  1. This game looks already AMAZING! Thumbs-up to Nintendo’s first party developer Good-Fine! I hope that Nintendo’s own development team uses Unreal Engine 4 in an upcoming Switch blockbuster Metroid Prime 4.

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  2. Yeah I am tired of cutesy Yoshi… Would love to see them shake up the Yoshi and Kirby franchises. The graphics look alright but the game play is the same. I’m not asking for darkness, gore or gritty takes but something more expansive like they did with Breath of The Wild. No more art style gimmicks for Yoshi, have him go back to Yoshi’s Island from Super Mario World with his own story and adventure. Not the baby colouring art style Yoshi’s Island either, just the Mario aesthetic from say Super Mario Odyssey but with Yoshi and his dino friends. As for Kirby, bring on the Kirby tv series writers to come up with a deep back story. A planet hoping RPG adventure beyond Popstar.


    1. I’m sorry that you hate Yoshi. Me, on the other hand, truly enjoyed Yoshi and his spin-off of titles based on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.


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