Nintendo Switch

Japan: Nintendo Switch Attach Rate Now 1.60; Which Is Better Than Wii U

It’s clear the Nintendo Switch has proven itself to be a popular console worldwide since its launch in March. New information has popped up courtesy of the team over at Media Create who have revealed Nintendo Switch has an attach rate of 1.60. The attach rate basically means the ratio of games sold per console sold. The organisation also reported that the Nintendo Switch attach rate is better than that of the Wii U during the same time period.




    1. Kallum.. Quadraxis..
      i admit defeat..
      i just hope you morons actually support the games you hype..
      how many of the 100 millions of wii owners actually bought metroid prime 3?..
      how many of the hundreds of morons who pyped bayonetta 2 bought it?..
      as a matter of fact, the clergy of the church of sasori are:
      sasori obinna mii
      connor turner (sasori’s sock puppet)
      shuhei yoshida
      the orange
      lord leviathan
      sony emperor xperia
      king kalas
      rabbid nintendaug
      speed akpodiete
      mr breada
      all of them, narutards..

      – Church of Sasori


  1. That’s good to hear. But like RidleySlayer, I wonder about everywhere else.


  2. Why do the successes of the Switch make me feel so bitter about the failures of the Wii U? A console that I enjoyed the crap out of, regardless of its critical reception.
    Am I alone here?
    What do I do with all this shame? I’m running out of room in my apartment.

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