Game Maker’s Toolkit Delves Into The Level Design Of Donkey Kong Country

Both the New Super Mario Bros. series and the Donkey Kong Country games are your standard 2D platformers. However, Game Maker’s Toolkit has been analysing the level design in both franchises and has come to an interesting conclusion. While both games introduce new concepts and gameplay ideas in each level, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze paces itself very differently to the Mario series and even earlier Donkey Kong games. Whereas other games introduce a single concept in each level and develop upon it, Tropical Freeze introduces multiple new ideas and takes time to combine each in interesting ways. For a more detailed analysis of this difference, check out the Game Maker’s Toolkit video below.


  1. That’s why I really enjoy DKC TF. Every level is well-developed and enjoyable (even when difficult). This still remains my favorite game on the Wii U.

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