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Rabbid Peach Now Has Her Own Official Instagram Account

One of the stars of this week’s E3 event in Los Angeles was Raddid Peach from the upcoming Nintendo Switch title Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Ubisoft has acknowledged this and has created an official Instagram for the unlikely celebrity. The account itself is full of selfies and grandiose posing like so many other celebrities on the social network. You can follow Rabbid Peach right here in Instagram!


  1. This is something the gaming community don’t need. Gamers are more scarred about these cheap marketing tactics than the rabbids themselves. Everyone knew it would have ended like this.

  2. I like how you say they created a new account for Rabbid Peach, yet it’s just the normal Rabbids account with a different name, different profile picture, and new images.

      1. While I admit it is not waterproof evidence, I based this assumption on the picture that belongs to this article.
        That, combined with the fact that the Ambassador did not credit anyone else for the information, led me to this hunch…

        I might of course be wrong in my assumptions Commander.

      2. (To make myself clearer on one note; I am aware that it might be the case that Instagram-links automatically convert to Swedish when I view them, but seeing as it would be somewhat difficult for me to test this, I made an assumption in the matter.)

    1. As one of the other member’s pointed it out seems they’ve rebranded the Instagram account to focus solely on Rabbid Peach :)

  3. A RABBID, gets something special…….

    What’s next, a Mario/Rabbid movie crossover with the Minions. You know these are the same creatures that cost us Rayman 4 (the 3D platformer), right?

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