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Sony: “The Industry Is Better And Stronger When Nintendo Is Strong”

Nintendo has been subject to a healthy amount of praise lately, especially around E3. In an interview, Sony spoke about a ‘rejuvenated Nintendo’ and how it’s good for the industry when Nintendo are performing well. Speaking to Game Reactor, Jim Ryan, who is the PlayStation global sales and marketing head said:

Jim Ryan: I think in many ways this increased presence in the space is a good thing; it creates conversation, it creates excitement, and certainly having a rejuvenated and energetic Nintendo back, I think it’s a great thing for the industry, because…

Game Reactor: …[it’s] been a couple quiet years…

Jim Ryan: Yeah, it has. I think the industry is better and stronger when Nintendo is strong. I really believe that.

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  1. A great contrast from the filth I’ve read from Koshiro. Even the competition appreciates the hardware capabilities and software lineup.

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  2. This applies to all other companies as well. An increased presence in the industry creates more interest and that’s key to having a successful market. You don’t want a company to die because it’s not good for anybody in the end.

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    1. I think that’s true for the most part. But you don’t want the market flooded with gaming consoles either. I think there is a balance, and three major console makers is a good balance. Four or five would throw it out of whack.

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  3. While Nintendo has earned some praise, they are still making questionable decisions that only their fanatics will love, defend, & support. *cough*voice-chat-tied-to-smartphone-app*cough* *cough*cloud-storage-might-not-come*cough* *cough*save-data-&-digital-purchases-are-console-locked-AGAIN*cough*

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    1. It’s no lie that Nintendo are a little behind in some respects but they’re excelling at bringing brilliant content to a console that’s doing extremely well. It wouldn’t be the Nintendo we love if things weren’t a bit awkward from time to time XD

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      1. Well it’s a love I’m getting rather sick of. I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship & Nintendo just keeps on giving me black eyes & bruises all over…

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      2. I’m not going anywhere. I’m a Nintendo fan that wants to support their console that is the Switch. So I’m going to bitch when they do something, or don’t do something, I like or want. I have as much right to bitch about them as you do to praise them. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s not my problem you refuse to do something so simple when you know EXACTLY what my comment is most likely going to be about. And I’m sure the only ones getting sick of me are people like you. That’s just not my problem, though. It’s yours. Anyway, good day to you as WWE Raw is coming on.

        And with this comment, I’m done with this article. Too many people getting riled up by my comments. I will still like any comments I agree with, though, in here.

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      3. You find things to bitch about when there’s nothing to bitch about. It gets old. You’re clearly not a fan. You’re as much a fan as bond claims he is as well. Anything bad is their fault, anything good is “luck.”


      1. Oh well. Least I got more games than I’ve ever had on my Wii & Wii U combined on my PS4 so I’ll live.


    2. *cough*voice-chat-tied-to-smartphone-app*cough* – True but that’s better than being muxed in to the console audio.

      *cough*cloud-storage-might-not-come*cough* – It was never promised

      *cough*save-data-&-digital-purchases-are-console-locked-AGAIN*cough* – Save data yes, at the moment. Purchases are NOT locked to your console. They are tied to your account. And just like Sony they can only be used on ONE console at a time.

      If you’re going to hate Nintendo, don’t spread misinformation. Deactivate your console, buy new console and activate it. retarded statements like yours are the reason why Sony fans are given the title of the most toxic fanboys this generation.


      1. That’s your opinion. Others disagree.

        They are offering paid online. Cloud storage is a given for every other system that offers paid online. Not my fault Nintendo wants to be different for the sake of being different.

        I know it’s at the moment, but they better fix this before Super Mario Odyssey releases. If they don’t, I’m not buying anything else for my Switch til they do. You got me on that purchases part. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo complicated it in some silly Nintendo fashion.

        Hate. There goes that word again. Some of you people must really love throwing that word around when someone has a negative opinion of Nintendo. *shrug* I’m a Nintendo FAN, not a fanatic, so I’m gonna speak negatively when they do something I don’t like. If that’s hate to some of you… Well that’s not my problem.

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      2. to be honest there are two point I disagree on. Cloud and voice are one of the easiest thing they could have done. Again Nintendo want you to pay for their Online systems and they don’t offer what is see as basic from 2017 point of view. I don’t have a switch yet cause there are just 4 games I want and I will not make the mistake again to buy a console for 3 or 4 games like I did with the Wii U… (that being say there are 12 games I bought and another 12 games I want).


      3. “Purchases are NOT locked to your console. They are tied to your account. And just like Sony they can only be used on ONE console at a time.”

        You shouldn’t accused anyone of spreading missinformation when you yourself arent fully informed. Both Sony and MS allow you to used the same purchased game on 2 consoles at the same time. I should know, my leeching ass cousing hasnt paid for live or bought a single game in 2 years, and we both play together.

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    3. I may not defend those points,but that still won’t stop me from enjoying what another company has to offer. That’s why I’m for all the companies and don’t pick sides and neither should you.

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      1. I had to deal with the loss of save data with Wii & Wii U. If Switch is gonna be Nintendo system #3 to do this in a row, I’m out. I’m cutting the strings from this abusive relationship I got with Nintendo. It’ll be hard because I love my Nintendo games (Mario, Zelda, Metroid) but it’s for the best as it’ll be less stress to deal with.

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      2. He doesn’t want to enjoy anything. He’d rather come to a Nintendo site to gripe about how Sony is so much better, then say he’s done…just to come back and gripe on another article. You’re just not allowed to like multiple consoles with people like him.

        He’s like blackbond really “I want Nintendo to succeed!…..But if they’re succeeding them I’m out!”


      3. I enjoy lots of things from Nintendo. I just got very high standards for Nintendo because I know they can do even better. I enjoy lots of things from the PS4, too. The only time I’ve said Sony was better was on the subject of online. Not my fault Nintendo has sucked at it a good majority of the time. Anyway, your desperation to make me out to be the evil villain that wants Nintendo to fail & to see Sony stomp on them til there is nothing left but ash is obvious: overexaggerating that I do nothing but bitch on here, ignoring the praise & positivity I heaped on Nintendo after their E3 Showcase of the things I liked. It wasn’t til Reggie’s interview about the possibility of no cloud storage, a staple of paid online, that I got pissed again. But you’ll ignore all of that because it kills your bullshit claim that I’m not a Nintendo fan.

        Anyway… If you are what I should strive to be to be a fan, no thank you. I was exactly like you once upon a time when it concerned Nintendo; I’m not going back to that because brand loyalty is for kids. And now I’m truly done with this article. Anything you say afterwards is just gonna be a repeat of your other bullshit.


    4. I understand your frustration. I just want games to play and that’s what they are doing. As bad as some of those things go, they really have no effect on me at all. I don’t use voice chat, cloud storage is nice but I have never needed it on any console, digital purchases are not console locked. For some people that’s a problem and that’s okay. Send them a letter or respond to their social media accounts but do it respectfully. They do read it just like most companies do.


  4. I’m loving the praise coming Nintendo’s way by Sony and Microsoft these days. Although they’re in competition with one another it’s definitely important to respect and occasionally celebrate your adversaries and how they push you to do better and think differently.


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      1. I mean that’s not bad to me. I feel like he’s just putting Nintendo first and highlighting their strengths and mindset while delivering their experiences for all. There wasn’t shade in there. Imo


      2. How is that taken negatively what Reggie is saying? Do you think Microsoft is targeting 5 to 95 years to play their console? I’m sure Phil would say yes. He just speaking about what’s good for his company. Talk up your company’s strengths but never mention the competition unless ask about them and speak nothing negative about them. That’s PR and salesmanship 101.

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      3. That approach is winning. My ability to save money is winning. It wasn’t an imaginary console war statement. He said that approach is winning for them. It is a good approach. I don’t see how people see one thing and put something negative on it. The winning part had nothing at all to do with Xbox but just about Nintendo Switch’s approach.


    1. I especially like how Phil Spencer is reacting to the Switch lately. Saying he can’t wait to play it and then later talking about his admiration for both the system and the company

      Even if he’s in charge of the competition, that doesn’t stop him from being a huge fan.

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      1. Phil Spencer is sucha fan of gaming and I respect that about him. I can’t help but to smile when they compliment one another


      1. They don’t do it every time anyone mentions Nintendo to them, that’s the difference.
        When was the last time Reggie said something nice about either Xbox or Playstation? Genuinenly curious.

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      2. @Namie You really think Reggie should just compliment either of them just to show that he’s a “good guy”? Because that’s some childish crap. They should only be complimented when they deserve to be complimented. Putting on airs is disgusting.


    1. that is not what he meant, that is like me saying i like apples and people think i meant the derogatory term for black people or the author says the sky is blue and people think he meant how oppression of the minorities has be looked the other way and the government lying to our face about equality, no, he meant the sky is effin’ blue. this is why i never read between the lines because they don’t exist. so how about them apples? what? i said the ‘N’ word? how the eff did you go from ‘A’ to ‘N’? what? i said i am a neo-nazi supporter and that all jew must die from me saying ‘i like apple’? anyways Sony is right in that the industry is strong when Nintendo is strong and i agree that the three of them creates a Triforce, Nintendo is red=Triforce of Power, Sony is blue=Triforce of Courage, Microsoft is green=Triforce of Wisdom.


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