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Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Direct Reveals 3DS Exclusive Features

Dragon Quest XI is coming to both PS4 and the 3DS. The vastly different consoles will have alternate versions of the game. While the PS4 game will obviously be graphically superior, Square Enix have just used a Nintendo Direct to clarify some of the 3DS version’s exclusive features. As well as some interesting gameplay differences depending on whether you’re playing in 3D or 2D, Dragon Quest XI features an extensive StreetPass mode. By collecting a race called the Yocchi via StreetPass, players will be able to progress through a dungeon called the “Labyrinth Beyond Time.” Completing areas of this dungeon will allow players to revisit locations from past Dragon Quest games to accept special quests. While it is exclusively in Japanese, the full Nintendo Direct can be seen below.




  1. the new site design makes getting straight to the latest news a hassle. The newest thing shouldn’t be down the list in my opinion and many of the thumbs or banner pics seem similar making it more difficult. Seems like a lot of changes in a short span of time… Didn’t know where else to voice this so here it is


    1. Hey! Not sure how it’s a hassle? There’s two featured articles at the top to showcase Colette’s reviews which she puts a lot of work into and that’s it. Thanks for the feedback though :)


    2. Yeah, we have plenty of images in the image library but some games we don’t have high quality images for, so we sometimes use the same ones. We do try and avoid that.


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