Nintendo Switch

Here’s Some Quality Direct Feed Super Mario Odyssey Footage

Super Mario Odyssey seems to be shaping up to be a Nintendo classic winning a number of awards for Game of the Show at E3 2017. Tilmen recently attended Nintendo’s post-E3 event in Europe where he was able to go hands-on with the majority of games announced at the show. One of those games was the delightful Super Mario Odyssey. You can check out the control demonstration video as well as other direct feed gameplay, below.



    1. I haven’t watched those videos because too much spoiler to me.

      If you want to not see those videos see some SMG4 videos.


      1. If you don’t want to see Super Mario Odyssey video now you should check some videos from someone called SMG4. These videos are funny.


  1. *successfully ignores the article itself* That was easier than I thought it’d be. Anyway, I can’t wait to possess things. (I’m not using that religious friendly term “captured.” Fuck no!)

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      1. I don’t know where the negativity toward me is coming from from you, but thanks for your opinion? :o


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