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Here’s The Beyond Good & Evil 2 In-Engine Demo

Beyond Good & Evil 2 producer Michel Ancel promised yesterday on Instagram that we would all be given a first look at Beyond Good & Evil 2 and he has delivered! The video is all in-engine footage and admittedly looks beautiful but very ambitious as one would expect from such a project. Platforms for Beyond Good & Evil 2 have yet to be announced, but it sounds like we’ve got a while to wait for this one.



    1. It’s rumoured for 2020 which is apparently why platforms have yet to be announced as it might land on the next PlayStation, Xbox etc. Not sure about Switch to be honest, maybe Nintendo’s next console? Ubisoft is keeping quiet.

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  1. Look how the people had hopes for this to be a switch exclusive.. HAHAHAHAHAH….
    Nintendo fans are the worst again. YOU PEOPL WONT EVEN HAVE THAT GAME ON YOUR CONSOLE TO PLAY WITH. IN the meanwhile go and beg for games to come on this Mario-zelda console with petitions…lol
    it is just hilarious to watch the drones begging like that for games…Go buy a ps4 and get over it. the switch is only for Mario tennis


      1. What’s your deal? People also own more than one console and so will probably play it on pc or something. Meanwhile Switch still have exclusives worth playing.
        I don’t have a switch but I don’t understand going online and shitting on a system you have no interest in anyway. Why do you all act like this is a team sports thing and not just different products that appeal to different people so just buy the one you want, play what you want, and don’t worry about it?

        console wars should have ended after sega vs nintendo.

        It literally doesn’t matter. I think there are games worth playing across all platforms and if I had the cash, would be playing and choosing of all the particular gems on each.


    1. Perhaps for the next Nintendo console but they have to make a 180 degree turn on how they run the company these day’s for that to happen. Don’t forget that the Gamecube had good tech and thats the console that ran beyond good and evil perhaps the best memory i have of that console definitly one of the first things on my mind when i think about the gamecube.

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    2. If you don’t think the Switch can run that game, you really need to look again. It’s using the Snowdrop engine. The Switch is very much confirmed to run Snowdrop. In fact, the Switch already has two annouced games coming to it that use the game engine. You remind me of those people who say nonsense like “Switch can’t run Tekken 7, that game is too much for it” not realizing it uses UE4, and the team who built the Engine said the Switch can run the full blown version with very little issue and virtually no compromise.


      1. A yes thats must be why they announced all the amazing third party games for the switch that sony and microsoft have shown us…………… Actually wait…… I did not see a single one of those games for the switch……. what a bummer.

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      1. Maybe MarioxRabbits can convince Ubisoft, that not every game has to be targeted to angsty teenagers.
        But I’d rather have true sequel to the first game, following the art style and story of the first game. First game ended with a cliffhanger.


  2. After watching that and thinking about everything they are trying to put into BG&E2 I honestly do see this game working well on the Switch, and if they do manage to get it on the Switch it will suffer from a trrible downgrade at the very least.
    I think Nintendo need to…
    Create a more powerful home console if they ever hope to get back 3rd party support, because that’s not gonna happen with the Switch.
    Replace the 3ds with the Switch as the main handheld from here on out.
    Allow the Switch to stream games from their new home console.
    The way things are going Nintendo is gonna fail with their current plan, I mean ffs they can’t even get proper support from Capcom now, not that Capcom isn’t in the wrong either becuse Capcom deserves to be crucified for how they’re treating the same fans that saved them from going out of business during the DS days. Nintendo can’t sit back and wait to see IF 3rd party support will happen, but that’s precisely what Nintendo is doing and that’s the same mistake they made with the WiiU.


    1. so I actually have the same opinion you do but what do you make out of the fact the switch seems to be selling like crazy?


      1. I think it’s great. The only thing pissing me off as of late is MHXX not being localized in the west for the 3ds or Switch, but that’s Capcom’s fault really, which I won’t even get into because thinking about how those morons are screwing over the fans who kept their company in business during the ds days is enough to send me into a rage.
        If yo wish to know more just look on youtube and you will see how Capcom gave Nintendo owners the middle finger by keeping a lot of games, they originally created on Nintendo’s platform, and decided bring them to Nintendo’s consoles were a waste of their time, like the Disney Afternoon collection, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, MHXX localization and choosing not to support the Switch if Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, which is a terrible game that nobody wanted or asked for, didn’t sell well.
        I think everyone needs to boycott Capcom tbh, that company is as toxic as Konami.

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    2. Here we go again. Dude. This game uses the Snowdrop engine. The Switch is already running games that use that graphics engine. There won’t be a “major downgrade”. The worst that could happen is the game runs 720p 30fps docked mode, while PS4 runs 1080p 30fps and Pro runs it 1080p 60fps or something.

      I am so sick and tired of any game that uses more realistic graphics, automatically being “too much” for Nintendo consoles. It doesn’t matter if the visuals are cartoony, cell shaded or grounded in realism. What matters is what game engine is being used, and if the console supports that game engine. The Switch has no problem with Snowdrop, so it can play this game. Period.


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