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Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is “Not Ruled Out” For Nintendo Switch

It looks like there’s a possibility that Life is Strange: Before the Storm could come to Nintendo’s latest console. In a recent interview, Deck Nine Games lead writer Zak Gariss teased that a Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming game is hasn’t been ruled out. “Not now, but who knows, what happens,” he said. Life is Strange: Before the Storm was announced at E3 2017 last week. It is a new three-part standalone story adventure set three years before the events of the first game, which was released on practically every console except Wii U.


20 thoughts on “Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is “Not Ruled Out” For Nintendo Switch”

  1. Would like to play this on my Switch rather than my PC. I actually got my family members into this game and some of them never even played video games in their childhoods. The Switch would make it much easier for me to show them this awesome game.

    1. You know you sound like a Nintendrone right? Bitching of every game that skip switch? i was here when you people did that also for wii u. The mediacore game got 85/100 on metacritic. so keep your opinion for your self. (and 86/100 from the users)

      This thing to bitching of all the games that are skipping Nintendo consoles is the reasson why the people saying Nintendo fans are the worsts so stop doing that on every game. or you could say “i didn’t like the game”

        1. The truth is not trolling. And i am far away from the trolling section. I already explain you. you should not act like a nintendrone with specific details. How this is sounds like trolling realy.
          I dont care to call you nintendrone. i only care to tell you not act like one. it is sad games not coming to switch. And these games that are not coming on switch is even more sad people not care about them. and be happy about it. for the games not come to switch. But i sound like a troll right? you just make your self look worse with that.

  2. Graphically looks weak, so a big mistake not releasing it at the same time of the other platforms. A later date means ‘dead’ for the mass.

    1. Even with the original game, I was wondering why it looked like an HD Playstation 2 game. And I’m wondering that even MORE now. It’s like the company never advanced or learned from other companies and games. They need to look at Uncharted 4. However….the story is what made the original game memorable and interesting. Not the graphics. Still, better graphics would have been nice.

      1. Graphics never make a game. The story was average in my opinion. The mechanics were slightly above average. Made you think. But the graphics were out of 2006. Reminds me of how badly Telltale’s engine has been showing its age.

      2. Agato is right, they had a smaller budget. These are the same guys that had that partnership with Sony to make ‘Remember Me’ exclusive to the PS3. Sony ended up dropping the partnership after they realize the game wasnt turning out that great. The game released and pretty much flopped. They had to come back and do it smart, so they created tlLofe is Strange with a smaller budget and SE picked it up.

        Remember me was a good looking game (for a ps3 game) so we know that these guys can make pretty games, its just not in their budget, or probably in their interest for now.

  3. He clearly said that it wasn’t ruled out. If you have to think hard about this statement or have to jump to your own conclusions,you’re making yourself look bad.

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!}

    For the Nintendo only people that can’t afford multiple consoles but got Nintendo because they can’t live without the 1st party titles, this game needs to come to Switch ALONG with the original game. Being as I’m one of the people that love the first game & have it on my PS4, I highly recommend it.

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