Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Has Apologized For Switch Shortages, Says Things Will Improve In July

The shortage in Nintendo Switch consoles has been a known problem for a while now. However, the problem is so bad in Japan that Nintendo’s Japanese account has personally apologized for the situation going on there. The good news, according to Nintendo, is that they say the situation will improve in July and August with an increase in shipments. The information was translated into English, so we’ve included an English tweet down below.

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      1. “It’s called not being a lazy dipwad and actually go out at appropriate times. I’ve been out at the appropriate times and have almost always seen Switches”

        Then you’re quite lucky. I’ve known several people who went out at the appropriate time for weeks to get a Switch and came up dry.

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    1. So you got the Guardian amiibo with the Champion amiibo preordered along with Majora’s Mask Link? Damn you! lol But seriously, though. Congrats. I’m glad someone has them all.


      1. Good luck getting Majora’s Mask Link. With the website store sold out, the retail store is your last shot at it if Ninty doesn’t replenish stock.


  1. ||Find the humans that have resources to spend or are rich, that will give you a good indication of the scalper type, find them and destroy them in the name of The First Order…||

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    1. We about to go French Revolution on the rich folk, aren’t we!? :O I’m game! (Sorry… I’ve been playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed Unity on my PS4 & the game’s story is set during that time period.)

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  2. Sounds like the Switch is selling really well. I’m impressed. It’s going to be interesting to see how things go once they have production in full swing.


  3. News on stock shortages for amiibo would be better since I already got my own Switch.


      1. Since I got you as a friend on Miiverse, I wonder if I’d even need your code thanks to the update on Switch letting you see if any of your Wii U/3DS friends have a Switch. (I hope it’s a nice work around instead of using the friend code crap.)


      2. ||It has been accepted, may I ask what your name is? I got 10 new members to my list apparently…||

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