Nintendo Switch

Micro Machines Devs Are Watching The Nintendo Switch With “Great Interest”

Micro Machines was one of the most fun games to play back on the Playstation all those years back. With the games’ unique top-down racing, crazy levels (you can’t beat the Science lab) and quick-fire multiplayer action, the title would be a great fit on Switch. During an interview with WCCFTech, Codemasters spoke fondly of the Nintendo Switch and commented on if we can expect to see Micro Machines on the platform.

WCCF: The Nintendo Switch seems like the perfect fit for a game like this. Is there any chance we may see a Switch version in the future?

Codemasters: I love my Switch, and there are clearly aspects of Micro Machines that make it an especially good fit for that platform. But for now, the team is wholly occupied with the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. We’re watching what happens with the Switch with great interest, but there’s nothing more we can say right now I’m afraid.




    1. I got curious and looked up what kmft or kmt means. I understand now, that’s a very descriptive euphemism, interesting as well. I tried kissing my own teeth and I, too felt disgruntled. It’s very difficult to do, so I could see how someone could become upset. But agree with you on the back-and-forth answers from developers.


  1. Nintendo needs to quit being so secretive about their paid online. I’m starting to wonder if that’s why some devs are going with a wait & see approach right now.


  2. “Micro Machines was one of the most fun games to play back on the Playstation all those years back” holy damn I’m old school. Here i was, excited, thinking micro machines was one of the best experiences I had on the NES never mind the playstation


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