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Nintendo Of America President Says More To Announced Regarding Switch 2017 Lineup

Good news for Nintendo Switch owners as Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed to Waypoint that the company has more games to announce for the popular system in 2017. Let’s hope this is a good mix of first and third party titles.

Waypoint: So, Reggie, great to see you again. E3 2017 is here, and for me the big push for Switch this year, for Nintendo this year, was, at least for the Spotlight, was “Hey, we have Switch games coming. We have a lot of games coming this year, a lot of them are multiplayer focused, and by the holiday, we will have a really respectable catalogue.” And then there were also a few gestures towards the future: Yoshi, Kirby, Metroid Prime 4, Pokémon. And I’m curious what you thought of the response to those promises so far. Has that been largely positive, or mixed, or–

Reggie Fils-Aimé: The response to what we’ve showcased, and it really is just a small tip for 2018, has been exceptionally positive. You’ve got fans seeing Metroid Prime 4, hearing that Mr. Tanabe, who’s been involved in all of the Metroid Prime games, is going to be at the helm of that, the fans are tremendously excited. To hear that there’s going to be a core Pokémon RPG experience on the Nintendo Switch, the fans are incredibly excited. To see a traditional Kirby experience, with him inhaling enemies and copying abilities, fans are excited about that. And then the Yoshi game that we showcased, with that unique, you know, motion to go “behind-the-scenes,” so to speak, has people really intrigued. So just by showcasing those four games, and giving a little bit of a taste, yeah there’s a lot of excitement to what 2018 can hold.

But to be clear, we look at E3 in the here and now. Our focus is on games that are largely going to be available between now and the end of the holiday season. And when you look at that lineup, there’s a strong game coming literally every month, starting tomorrow with Arms, and then Splatoon 2, then in August is the Mario + Rabbids game, September, October with Super Mario Odyssey. We’ve got that great pace of content, and I can tell you there’s more to be announced.



    1. Im sorry to be the one carrying the bad news but I dont see a new starfox being developed for the switch due to the wii U failure. If any, they will just port that game to the switch which I don’t complain about since I never played it

  1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

    I’m content with some of the games I know are coming to the Switch. The only thing holding me back from truly being happy with my Switch purchase is what the fuck is paid online going to be. Is it gonna be Nintendo trying to be unique to the detriment of the console or is it gonna actually strive to be a cheaper version of PlayStation Plus & Xbox Live Gold? Above all, will I need a god damn smartphone to truly enjoy online? (I hope the answer to that question isn’t gonna be a fucking yes.)

      1. It makes sense in terms of consumption of processing power and battery. Switch is pretty limited, so it may be hard to implement these things without sacrificing of smooth gameplay they’re targeting.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

        xD True. Someone is gonna take exception to this. (Maybe now that I’m expecting it, they won’t come & leave me and my opinion alone.)

    1. Yeah.

      I’m been eagerly waiting for more news on Senran Kagura Shinobi Refle. But it makes sense as most new Senran trailers happen only on Nico Nico whenever Takaki is ready.

  2. What about November or December? I mean if they haven’t started hyping up a game coming in those months, then I doubt it will be that good. If it was star fox, f-zero or animal crossing I’m sure we would know something by now.

      1. BotW DLC pack 2 is just listed as “Holiday 2017” which means literally anywhere between Thanksgiving and Dec. 31st. The sooner the better if you ask me though- with a name like The Champions’ Ballad, I’m eager to find out just what that entails.

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