Nintendo Has Overtaken Sony In Terms Of Market Capitalisation

Nintendo is now worth more than their rival Sony in terms of market capitalisation. While initially confusing, market capitalisation simply means the market value of a company’s outstanding shares. It’s calculated by multiplying the stock price and the total number of outstanding shares. As of June 23rd, Nintendo has reached 5.45 trillion yen, trumping Sony’s 5.40 trillion. This hasn’t happened since the Pokémon GO craze last year. While Nintendo’s figure did reach a shocking 10 trillion yen during the Wii’s initial success, 5.45 is still extraordinary.




      1. That happened with the Wii…
        They rise with the Wii, only to fail with the Wii U…

        That’ll not be the case this time.

      1. time for obinna sasori to comitte seppuku…
        on himself..
        that or fight over that ps dildo with king kalas, his lover..
        Quadraxis, you were right..

        – Church of Sasori

    1. SONY is my favorite electronics company. At one time, nearly all of my elctronics were SONY brand. Including my TV. Many still are. I used to buy SONY DVD-R discs, until I started having problems with some I bought (more than once).

    2. Agreed.

      They have nice IPs for their PlayStation and some great electronics. But the movies are getting worse and worse every year. Then there’s their phone…

  1. Nice. And Sony’s price has been on the rise for the past 6 months. Hopefully Nintendo can sustain the growth. The charts right now are looking awfully similar to the way they did during the Wii craze, and the price in that situation dropped rather suddenly.

    A few people are saying that they think the price is rising too quickly.

  2. Thinking about it, it’s very pathetic for Sony. They’re more than just a game company. They’re a movie studio, music studio, electronic manufacturer, hell even an insurance and bank company in Japan. But Nintendo being just a video game company and being so close to Sony’s value? That’s funny.

    Good for Nintendo!

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