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Kickstarter For Project Rap Rabbit Failed To Meet Funding Goal By A Long Shot

Keiichi Yano, the Tokyo-based game designer behind cult classics Gitaroo Man and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (better known as Elite Beat Agents) has spoken about the recent failure of Project Rap Rabbit. The title was on Kickstarter and the goal was for the game to release on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. A total of £885,000 was required from backers. The project fell well short of this with only £161,557 being raised. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see the title in the future as Yano mentions that he wants “to try to get this out one way or another”.

Yano has recently spoken to Engadget about the Kickstarter failure:

“It’s clear that there were things we could have done better and that was a good learning experience, but I actually don’t regret making that decision, because it allowed us to engage with a community at a time when we weren’t 100 percent sure there would be a community.

…Crowdfunding in the modern day, it’s a very tough place. It requires certain things to happen even before you start the campaign. And you know, we would have probably been better off doing some things that we just weren’t able to, for one reason or another.

We thank everybody that supported us, regardless of the final outcome on Kickstarter. We’re very thankful to everybody who supported it. I loved the fan art and everything, and yeah, we’re going to try to get this out one way or another. So please stay tuned for updates. We’ll have more as we have more!”




    1. Yeah if the project fails to meet the goal then everyone gets their money back. Which is ironically safer than the project going ahead and then getting canned down the line as they’re not obliged to refund if that happens


  1. I think people have seen too much negativity from other Kickstarter projects and that really didn’t help.
    The castlevania ripof… sorry I mean spiritual successor is next and I can easily see that being shit eventually

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  2. Not that I personally would have been interested, but I didn’t even know this game was a thing. So I guess it certainly could have done better getting the word out.

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  3. Ouch. People have definitely become more cautious after Mighty No. 9 and Yooka Laylee left disappointment to many backers. The fact that this is a rhythm game doesn’t help either. Rhythm games can be somewhat of an acquired taste (as in, some people hate them, and others, like me, love them).


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