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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is A Culmination Of Things Director Would Have Liked To Have Done On Past Games

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is shaping up to be a huge adventure and its heading to the Nintendo Switch this year. GameSpot managed to catch up with Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s executive director, Tetsuya Takahashi, to talk to him about the long-awaited game. In one of the in-depth interviews Takahashi explained that the game is a culmination of things he would have liked to done in his previous games, but conceded that he will probably say the very same thing about his next project.

What step in the cycle does Xenoblade Chronicles 2 represent?

I think in terms of Xenoblade 2, there’s always–like I mentioned–things that I wished I could have done or thought I should have done differently. I feel like Xenoblade 2 is my opportunity and my way to put all of that into reality. I say all of that, but I probably can’t do everything in that title, and I’m sure that when this game is done, I’ll have more post-mortem things to think about and more changes and different things that I’d like to do. That’ll be carried out to the next title, whatever it is that I work on. It’s this cycle that really keeps me going, but obviously if you’re stuck on one point, you can’t move forward, and the game will never be made, so there’s certain times where you have to kind of draw the line and say, “This is how far I’m going to go this time. Whatever is left, I’ll carry it on to the next game.” That’s kind of how I see it, but Xenoblade 2 is kind of like a culmination of all the things that I have done–and would like to have done–from my past.



  1. I get what he’s saying, 2 has so many elements from X but it went back to the superior formula of the first game (largely story and character focused). I’m super hyped for this. ♡

  2. when a director is happy with what he’s making I feel like that’s generally good for the fans. this should be good news! since the stories are not related it’s not a requirement to play the first one but if someone has not played Xeno Chronicles X it’s definitely an amazing game. I would be shocked if it doesn’t get a rerelease on the Nintendo switch.

    1. It’s always a good sign when the producer, director, or any part of the staff, really, is happy to talk about their game- that’s how you can tell they truly have the passion for what they’re doing.

  3. I personally like Chronicles X. I feel like going back to a green open field with less ideas is actually playing it safe imo. So many jrpgs are these story driven things and it’s not like the stories are ever THAT inventive. Chronicles X didn’t have a good story or concentrated on it because it had a lot of neat and bold gameplay ideas. Awesome giant surreal alien worlds, mechs, so much customization, and a lively world.

    Sure it wasn’t a perfect package but it was an attempt at something that felt big and felt ambitious. When something is ambitious it does have it’s cracks but overall the experience was engaging and respectable.

    The first game is also amazing but I don’t expect the magic to be captured from an experience that’s been done and I think they’re playing it safe by even going back to it.

    What’s really happening is that these directors are more comfortable and happy expanding on something they already did and is safely appreciate by a Japanese audience.

    Not necessarily wrong but just not exciting imo

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