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Japan: ARMS Has Best Launch For An Unlicensed Fighting Game In The Last 7 Years

Nintendo is renowned for delivering creative and interesting new IP and motion-controlled fighting game ARMS is no different. We scored it a respectable 8/10 in our ARMS review. A Media Create graph has appeared online which paints a very nice picture for the new title in Japan. You can check out the Tweet below showing that ARMS has had the strongest launch for an unlicensed fighting game in the last seven years. It did so well that it made more than double the Street Fighter V sales. Impressive stuff.




  1. ||The fact that the rest posses a sense of impurity and we do not, gives us an evolutionary advantage, and if history has proven anything, is that originality always wins…||

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    1. That’s true commander. Originality is the true essence of every Nintendo games.

      By the way thanks for accepting my friend request on the Switch :D

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      1. umm, because there are many types of fighting games. 2D fighters, 3D fighters, brawlers, and some argue other categories like platform fighters.

        ARMS is a 3D fighter, clearly. It’s just not conventional in appearance.


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