UK: Register Your Interest In SNES Mini On Nintendo UK Store

Update: Available now to pre-order at Amazon UK and GAME

Update 2: Sold out on Amazon UK.

The Super Nintendo Mini was announced today at exactly 5pm UK time. The console comes pre-bundled with 21 classic Super Nintendo titles but pricing has yet to be announced in the United Kingdom. The item isn’t available for pre-order just yet, but if you are interested in purchasing the lucrative console then you can register your interest on the official Nintendo UK Store. You just leave your email address here.



  1. When did they go up for preorder in those two places? This article is over 40 minutes old but the update is probably less than that.


      1. So about 10 minutes after the article went up? Got it! Thanks. And it’s been an hour. I’ma go see if it’s still up for preorder.


  2. There went the Amazon UK stock. The GAME stock is still up so people that want it better hurry before the scalpers get them.


  3. Yet again unable to pre order…… couldn’t get the new Smash and Zelda amiibo, now same with SNES mini.

    Totally unacceptable stock levels, I’m not happy at all.

    Game website kept crashing last night so couldn’t even pre order it. Nintendo UK Store was up about half 3 today and I saw the e-mail at half 5 and all gone… sorry I have to work and can’t check my e-mails all day……

    Rant over… but probs not tbh…..

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