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Nintendo Talks About Midna’s Helmet In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC

The first pack of DLC for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild lands in just a few days time and Nintendo are detailing some cool stuff about what’s included. Today, history about Midna’s helmet, which is obtainable via a special chest, is talked about. What’s interesting is that whilst the team painstakingly designed Midna for Twilight Princess, it was actually Tetra from Wind Waker who rode around on the back of Wolf Link until the design team were content.

Creating a “buddy” character who would stay next to Link at all times and battle in tandem with him was a first for a Legend of Zelda game. The challenge started with brainstorming among designers for ideas, and we eventually finalized this character through a trial-and-error process for her shape, facial expressions, actions, etc.

In early prototypes, as a placeholder for Midna, Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was riding on Wolf Link as he ran around Hyrule.

The post shows some great concept art, details of how Midna came to be and the inclusion of Midna’s helmet in the DLC for BOTW. I’d definitely recommend you check it out here.





      1. We don’t know what Navi was doing when not yelling “Hey, Listen!” – Maybe Navi-Dust is what gives Link the ability to fight day or night! That would be kinda helping battle. :)

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  1. Majora’s Mask is in the game as something you can wear. That’s ALL that matters!

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      1. I forgot those. They all matter. Sadly, I will only have access to Majora’s Mask since the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo has not been restocked since going on sale on the 23rd at Best Buy. :/


  2. Wait! Midna’s Helmet & Majora’s Mask are in the same DLC pack for BotW? Majora’s Mask & the Fused Shadow were created by the same tribe confirmed! lol

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      1. I was about to say! Those 2 things have nothing in common where as we both know Majora’s Mask & the Fused Shadow share similar eyes. Sure it might just be an easter egg right now but it doesn’t mean Nintendo can’t use it as a means to give an in-game connection. (Okay. Rant over. lol)


      2. I will take the “responsible for Tingle” part, though. He’s part of the evil Rebel Alliance & a traitor! Take him away! *adds my own bit to this* He’ll be executed at the stroke of twilight!


    1. BOTW is insanely fun, but it’s style makes it a completely different game than TP, but it’s far from a step back. It’s just as good, just a different style of game

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      1. Yeah. Only the Korok Mask has a special ability. Least that’s what they’ve told us, anyway. We’ll find out either way soon enough since it’s out June 30th.

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    1. I don’t. Lynels, like the Guardians, are my bitches in BotW now. I’ve grown accustomed to fighting them. Ha ha ha!

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      1. Hell yeah! I no longer view the Lynel as broken & have found them to be one of the funnest things in the game!


    1. Midna’s final design is fully realized and goes hand in hand with the Tron-ish style of the Twili so it is hard to argue against it; early designs show they clearly hadn’t decided how to manage the Twili aestherically, so they were going through a wide range of styles.

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  3. I would have liked it if it was just the Fused Shadow piece, I don’t get why they stuck Midna’s hair on top, it is her hair, not part of the helmet, as shown when Zant first transforms her and she isn’t wearing the helmet yet.


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