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GameStop Has Listings For Cartoon Network Battle Crashers & Monster Jam Crush It On Switch

GameStop has been quite a source for Nintendo-related game listings lately, and now there has been another two to continue the trend. GameStop has listings for Cartoon Network Battle Crashers and Monster Jam Crush It, both of which will be published by CokeM Interactive and released this October. Obviously, these aren’t huge titles, but it’s another sign that the Nintendo Switch’s library isn’t done growing just yet.

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  1. I know you work hard on these articles man, you’re a great journalist but I think this is one you could’ve been skipped. I looked up CN battle Crashers and holy crud that thing was panned and looks horrible. Why is that even being ported to the Switch? It’s horrible and was released last year why is this a thing that’s happening.

    Then again why am I bothering to write this. Maybe I’m just mad at the fact that the Switch is being overlooked by other games that are way better quality and yet this is what we get… yay

  2. As an avid fan of Monster Jam myself, I am very excited to hear we are finally getting a Monster Jam game on a Nintendo platform again, haven’t seen Monster Jam on anything Nintendo since Wii and DS. Not a single Monster Jam game for Wii U or 3DS.

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