Shovel Knight Developers Still Interested In Shovel Knight 3D Platformer

Shovel Knight launched to rave reviews back in 2014 and perfected the 2D platforming formula and also proved to be a success on the sales front. In a recent interview, the team says that they still wish to pursue a Shovel Knight 64. A 3D platformer that resembles those of days gone by with the talented team’s unique twist to the genre.

I think one of the things we want to work on in the far future is definitely like a Shovel Knight 64, a 3D platformer. We would all love that. We all love Mario 64 to pieces and would just love to be able to jump into that.



    1. Yes, do yourself the everlasting favor. This may be favorite game of all time. I find myself choosing to play it over my backlog time and again. It’s on sale on Steam if you’d like a discount, but the Switch version is the best, hands down. For portable co-op, handheld, and amiibo too, but that game is too good. Ramble done.

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    2. I held off for the longest time and finally gave in with the Switch version. I both regret holding off for so long and am glad that I got it for the Switch. Well worth the asking price with more to come once the King Knight campaign is ready.

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      1. Absolutely! I mean, the game keeps getting more and more worth it, not to mention the battle mode forthcoming. Yacht Club is the model of what a game development company should be, in my opinion. Do you think King Knight’s campaign will tie up Soecter Knight at all? I hope so, like give him peace or whatnot.

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      1. It feels a lot more real than many franchises I’ve seen with the titles they’ve produced so far, I don’t know if that’s how I would feel. Curious; how much have you played it? I don’t feel I the panders at all, maybe the gender swap is pandering?


  1. I am very intruiged by that. I like the original Shovel Knight quite a bit, but I’m getting quite sick of 2D platformers, so this looks like an idea with plenty of potential. I hope they can make it work.


  2. I love Shovel Knight 64. It’s my favorite game.

    Anyway I want to see a Shovel Knight adventure in 3D.


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