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Video: Someone’s Already Beaten Trial Of The Sword DLC In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Yesterday saw the release of Pack 1 DLC for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. As well as a new map feature, obtainable masks and a hard-mode, the pack includes a tough new challenge called Trial Of The Sword. And someone has already beaten it.

The trial is made up 45 floors that gradually increase in difficulty and sees Link starting out with nothing but, well, underwear. The player must be extra strategic; obtaining weapons from fallen enemies to help battle through the stages whilst making use of the environment to survive.

It took YouTuber AbdallahSmash026 a total of four hours to complete and you see how he did it in the video further down.



  1. ||I’m currently at the Middle Trials myself…||

    1. I started and got through about 4 before I realized I was too tired to invest a lot in it before the weekend, but are you guys saying that there are multiple save points? I thought that maybe you had to get all 45 rooms in one shot, or no? Didn’t watch the video, so maybe I’m dumb…

      1. It’s cut off in 3 trials and if you die while in one of the trials you have restart from the beginning of that trial.

    1. ||I blew myself up by accident in the final room…||

    1. ||Depends on how familiar you are with the gameplay itself…||

  2. I can’t wait to download my 3.5 gigabyte update! I’ll see if I can get through all the trials tomorrow, and begin my second playthrough on hard mode!

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