Nintendo snes mini

eBay Tries To Counter SNES Mini Scalpers By Removing Listings

While Amazon UK have run out of SNES Mini consoles, eBay is full of the little system. However, they’re all being sold at a ridiculous high price. Just like the NES Mini, the SNES Mini is currently the target of scalpers. When asked by Eurogamer, eBay has claimed that they’re trying to tackle the problem. According to a spokesperson, the auctioning website removes listings of any item that can’t be delivered within the next 30 days. As the SNES Mini doesn’t release until September, they are slowly removing any being offered. However, this is obviously only a short term solution. Do you think eBay should be doing more? Tell us below.

“We will remove listings for pre-release items and accessories if the release date of the item is more than 30 days away”




  1. I just hope I will be able to find one because the selection of games is superior to the NES Classic’s selection especially because it’s the first ever official release of Star Fox 2


  2. Nintendo should do more by printing to demand. The only reason scalpers can exist is when the supply/demand ratio hits a certain point.

    A product can only be two our of three of the following

    1. Cheap
    2. Rare.
    3. Popular

    The Nintendo minis are 2 and 3, so market forces guarantee it won’t be 1. Either Nintendo can raise the price themselves so scalping isn’t worth it, or they can print more of them so it is no longer number 2, so it can become number 1.


  3. I would like to buy one to keep as a collector item but never at scalper price. I don’t even care for the games tbh I just like how it looks. There’s nothing eBay can do about it though if people are willing to pay.


  4. How is this even a “short term solution”? It’s not a solution at all, as the problem isn’t that scalpers sell items at a ridiculously high price. The problem is that scalpers buy up all the stock and there is nothing left for consumers!


    1. But that’s not eBays fault, they are doing the right thing removing the items that can’t be sent out within 30 days. We as consumers must resist the urge to buy these inflated scalper prices, no matter how much we want the product.


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