Nintendo Switch

Japan: NicoNico App Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Week

The Nintendo Switch will be getting its very first TV application this week in the form of the NicoNico app in Japan. The app has beaten the likes of Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu, to become the first app for the system. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we get the listed applications on Nintendo’s latest platform.


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    1. 16 MBit/s should be more than enough for streaming at a decent quality, probably even full HD material (depending on the codec used). Only for 4K material it might be too little, but there isn’t a lot of good 4K material on the internet so far, anyways.


  1. Switch dont use voice chat But can use Streaming app? i mean ok i dont know anything about these stuff…but isn’t the voice chat a less demanding or easier application from the streaming one? how is it possible not to have voice chat or is it just only about the time-trouble for the switch to get it

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    1. The reason why is that the joycons use a majority portion of bluetooth from the system and if they even wanted to do it,they’d have to scale back joycon battery power and the signal between the system and the controllers.

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