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Rumour: Briefly Listed Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition For Switch And Then Removed It

Update: Marked as rumour due to the replies.

It looks like briefly listed a “Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition” for the Nintendo Switch on their website, to quite quickly take it down again. This could be a potential leak considering this hasn’t been announced so far.

Here’s a screenshot of the listing before it was taken down, submitted to us by reader Hannes Roder:


In the listing it advises it is expected to release on 17th November 2017, so, we may have to wait to see how this unfolds with Nintendo to confirm if a Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition is in the works. We will keep you posted with any updates.


Thanks, Hannes Roder


      1. Could still be cool as a complete package though since I …. Kinda missed it on 3DS 🙄 .. Lol. Especially if they update graphics any.

        I’m skeptical If this is even real though.

        1. Even I don’t play it but for what I know a game for 3DS system is completely different for a Switch system. That’s why I said this is useless making a remake of an old FE game.

  1. Ridley X3 {Jaded Ninty fan. Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch; just need cloud storage, add external HDD support, & to eliminate the need for that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones.} says:

    Hm. Interesting.

    1. You still haven’t played it, right? If you can get past the blatant fan service and ridiculous censorship, it really is a nice FE game; Conquest in particular has interesting map objectives.

      And again, there are the twin maids Felicia and Flora (yeah, I remember that conversation XD).

      1. Ridley X3 {Jaded Ninty fan. Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch; just need cloud storage, add external HDD support, & to eliminate the need for that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones.} says:

        I don’t mind blatant fan service as I welcome it even if it’s over the top, for the most part, and as long as the character is more than just eye candy. With Switch not being region locked, I can always get this from the UK if that version isn’t horribly censored.

      2. Ridley X3 {Jaded Ninty fan. Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch; just need cloud storage, add external HDD support, & to eliminate the need for that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones.} says:

        And if this is true.

  2. Looks like an elaborate prank.

    1) Nintendo already announced a new mainline Fire Emblem game for Switch in 2018, and just released a Fire Emblem game on 3DS. Why release this?

    2) Why port a successful 3DS game to the Switch while the 3ds is still active?It’s not the same as porting Wii U games, which few people got to experience.

    3) NIntendo is going to release this in four months and they haven’t even announced it yet?

    This whole thing stinks. Stinks I tells ya!

    1. 1. Because they have a console selling off the shelves, but not many games in the immediate future to promote with it. They need some gasoline to pour on the fire, and what game it is doesn’t matter so much so long as it will likely be popular.

      2. Because porting a 3ds game, something already portable, requires relatively little fiddling to make it a strong fit on the Switch. The Wii U has very few games worth porting to begin with, and almost none that you could justify pumping out quickly with minimal add-ons and fanfare.

      3. You mean the same Nintendo that revealed the switch to the world three months before release?

      1. 1) Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, FE Warriors, and Pokken are all coming up, along with Fifa, NBA, Dragonball XV2, Skyrim, and now WWE. There’s enough coming up that the need for a 3DS port can hardly be justified.

        2) Just because both the 3DS and Switch are portable, that doesn’t automatically make it easy to port games over. They run on different hardware. The Wii U has quite a few games worth porting over, and based on the success of MK8 Deluxe, I think you can very easily justify porting another Wii U game.

        3) First off, the Switch was officially revealed in October 2016, about 4 1/2 months before launch. Second, even though we didn’t know what it was, the Switch’s existence was announced in March 2015, two years before it launched. Why would Nintendo announce Fire Emblem 2018, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Fire Emblem Echoes back in January and show them off in a special Fire Emblem Direct, but not announce this game at any point since?

    2. They release it because they want money. Same with wiiu ports. It’s about time we see ports from the 3ds. the wiki, Not everyone has a 3ds,. 3ds is aged hardware many will pick it up since this expands the switches library.

      3 this isn’t new. They did stuff like this before.

      1. I think saying that everybody hasn’t the 3ds is wrong. I see much more people having the 3DS instead of the Wii U. So why porting a 3DS game on the Switch? This doesn’t make sense and as RidleySlayer says it’s probably a fake.

        I hope it’s a fake because why Nintendo is making this version of Fire Emblem instead of:
        – Shadow Dragon
        – Blazing Sword
        – Sealed Sword

  3. Would be perfect if this turns out to be true! I was thinking about finally buying these games, but I think I will hold out for this.

      1. Retaliers have been using inaccurate artwork for upcoming games for decades. It’s obviously not confirmed, but this doesn’t disprove it either.

  4. I almost fainted when I saw that news, almost died when I saw that marvelous artwork…. this is that other game besides good Metroid that I always wanted on the Wii U :(

      1. Lol of course it’s fake… what i was talking about is the trend of accidentally leak something, then delete the post or tweet and later on the company (which this case is Nintendo) they deny it for later reveal the game…. Happens all the time…

  5. I rather see Path of Radiance ported with updated visuals. Fire emblem games I didn’t have access to before. I already have the special edition of Fates of 3DS

  6. Man, if it’s real I hope there isn’t any Switch exclusive content. It took me forever to 100% the game, 99% of the reason being the extensive support log.

  7. I seriously doubt this. I am probably one of the biggest Fire Emblem-fan in this thread, and I would say we don’t need this. Passed 200 hours on Echoes now, I still forcing myself to check in for Orbs on Fire Emblem Heroes every day. We just had Fates a year+ ago, and Warriors are approaching. We will survive until 2018 without Fates HD.
    I remember a time when FE games were scarce and when they skipped FE12 in the west, I started to get worried about the series. Now Nintendo have realized that FE is popular among 30-year old, and want to milk em dry since they’re willing to buy. This is not the right step. The mainstream are going to be tired of FE if Nintendo is planning to use this as Mega Man or Final Fantasy.
    But you won’t hear me complain about them releasing this. At one point I “prayed” for anything FE relevant in the west – and I got it.

    1. ||Considering a main line Fire Emblem weapon is already in development for the Switch, this would be utterly illogical to do before the new one is released…||

      1. Can’t understand the logic either, Commander. I would welcome a Binding Blade (Port or localized virtual) any day, but we DON’T need this one before FE Switch. The difference between 3DS and Switch is to big I would assume. They would have to make the game from ground up… no… wait… it can’t be right… Commander, I just thought of something.
        Why do you think Fates figures are the ones who gets the Warriors treatment? They said they were fan favorites, but that’s a lie, and I can prove it! So again; why do you think Fates gets this treatment?

        1. ||They want to promote Fire Emblem using the characters known more in the western community…||

      2. In fact this weapon is fake. Here’s why I think this is fake:
        – Why porting a 3ds game when the game sold well on the 3DS?
        – Let’s think about Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga. Nintendo is doing a remake, yes but for the 3DS not for the Switch.
        – Instead of doing a Complete edition of a recent Fire Emblem why not do something with Shadow Dragon or Mystery of emblem (Because these 2 games are my favorite FE games)?

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