Nintendo Switch

Resell Prices For The Nintendo Switch Are Increasing In Japan

It has been a successful ride for the Nintendo Switch so far, but it hasn’t been a perfect one. Japan is still seeing stock problems, and the coming release of Splatoon 2 hasn’t helped matters. Now, resell prices are becoming a problem too. The retail price is 32,378 yen, but the resell price has spiked to roughly 49,500 yen at distributors such as Rakuten and Amazon Japan, a 50% increase. This is something that has been gradual since April, according to a chart. We’ve included that chart down below, so feel free to check it out.




      1. @blackbabe111
        I’ve noticed that, I don’t live in Germany or anywhere in Europe, I’ve seen people from Europe talk about how they’re able to find Switches in stock at local stores


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