Nintendo Switch

BlazBlue Creator Positive That Fighting Games Can Find A Home On Switch

BlazBlue hasn’t been announced for Nintendo Switch, but its creator seems incredibly positive about the console. In an interview with Redbull, Toshimichi Mori talked about the fighting game. While Mori refused to divulge anything about a future Switch game, he did admit that ARMS shows that fighting games can find a home on the system. Check out the full interview here.

“As far as announcements go, I unfortunately can’t say much today, but what I will say is that with the introduction of fun competitive games like Arms, I do believe fighting games can definitely find a home on the Switch. Stay tuned!”




    1. I had the same thought. With the announcement of Cross Tag Battle yesterday I’m assuming that Arc System Works is going to port that game, as it will technically be the ‘latest’ Blazblue title (even though it’s a crossover). I’m hoping that’s why he ended his statement with “stay tuned”.


  1. As much as I love Blazblue and the Switch, I wish developers could give out a solid answer if a game is coming to the console or not, that’s the one thing that’s stopping me from buying a console right now. I know it’s not easy to determine if a game is gonna end up on the Switch for a 100% fact, but telling us a game is in development is good enough for me.


    1. That’s more than likely because the Devs don’t make the final decisions about platforms, but are still the ones asked about it because the gaming media never bothers talking to the financial decision makers on the publishing side of things.


  2. There are so many games now that I don’t know if I should get on my PS4 or just wait and see if they come to the Switch. BlazBlue Cross Battle Tag, Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragonball FighterZ and Dragon Quest Heroes (US release). I’m tired of all these “Oh the Switch is an interesting device, we’ll consider bringing so-and-so game over”! Don’t they realize the value of having a portable version of these games? The very idea is making me wait a year or two after the initial release before I buy these games on my PS4 in the high hopes that they come to the Switch so I don’t have to double dip.

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  3. Man I hope so, I really want that new EX Street Fighter on the switch. I can hold out a bit and get it for the switch if they announce a port, but if not ,ill have to buy it for the PS Quadruple. (What ever happened to that PS Tripple guy? 🤣)


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