Former Project M Developers Release Trailer For New Fighting Game

Project M is a name that carries some weight in the Super Smash Bros community. Originally released in 2011, Project M was an incredibly popular mod that updated Brawl with Melee’s physics. While development ended in 2015, M’s development team are still together. Renamed Wavedash Games, they have just released a trailer for their own fighting game. It bares an obvious resemblance to Nintendo’s fighter. Check out the trailer for Icons: Combat Area below.


      1. Try, oh, I dunno, the fact they straight up ripped from Smash with most of those movesets? Not to mention the uninspired character designs.

        Those are just for starters. The fact they’re obviously trying to make their own Melee 2.0 instead of doing something original for their first reveal speaks volumes.

  1. I’m no graphics whore but the game’s art style is INCREDIBLY UGLY imo as it’s not cartoon y or simplistic enough to have charm or detailed enough to make an impact. It looks like another shitty smash bros clone…and THIS is what the project m team can produce!? And apparently according to the game’s like:dislike ratio…lots of people agree with me.

    1. For pre-alpha, it looks nice. This isn’t a finished product, of course it won’t look as good. I have faith in this team to make something fun and good looking. I’m loving the stages and character designs, so they’re doing well on that end, but graphical fidelity takes more time.

  2. Characters are ugly. And the title is stupid. Icon? These characters are no icons. And it’s a Smash clone. Very uncreative. It is free to play though, so I’m sure a lot of people will play. I personally won’t though. I hate ugly video game characters.

  3. Wave Dash Games?? That made me chuckle a bit. Lol

    Yes art style is if PlayStation All Stars consumed Overwatch and pooped out Icons Combat arenaπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©.

  4. This is a misleading title. Not all of the PM developers moved over to working with Wavedash, and Wavedash is not made up solely of ex PM developers.

    Please do actual research next time before you write an article.

  5. This is what I was talking about and everyone was bitching at me.
    These modders need to stop wasting their time and talent infringing copyright and start making stuff they can capitalize; the makers of AM2R made an entire engine and what did they get out of it? If they had put it to better use they could have made a new game that every one of us could have bought, they’d have gotten famous and maybe even made the next official Metroid game; but no, they decided they just wanted to copy an old game.

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