Yoshiaki Koizumi Talks About The New Generation At Nintendo

In the latest edition of Edge magazine, games journalist Nathan Brown caught up with Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi. The Super Mario Odyssey producer spoke about the importance of having different people working on the company’s games; highlighting the fact that new generations within Nintendo ultimately changes the way their games feel:

“Generations turn over, and when you’re working on games like these, you can’t have the same veterans on everything forever. Any time that you have a new generation working on games, they’re always going to think about the things that are close to them, and incorporate those into the game somehow. That definitely changes the way the games feel.”



      1. The whole concept of the Switch App is horrible. The fact that it’s nearly unusable too is just a kick in the gonads… Except for The COmmander because I heard from a birdie that his are brass…


  1. Nintendo has been in need of new blood for awhile so this is good. But more importantly their management needs new blood. A lot of those old veteran managers aren’t cutting it. Part of why Nintendo isn’t as big as they can be. Probably why Fatal Frame wasn’t well advertised

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    1. Actual management did almost everything right. Reunitde home and portable in one platform, invested in animation and other collateral areas, released some games on mobile for added advertising, invested in one proprietary platform to get all the profits. They did not produce enough Switch, this is the only major fault of this management.


      1. They did not produce enough Switch systems, NES Classic Systems, SNES Classic will be a problem too. Ow, and let’s discuss the production of Amiibo…

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  2. Classic systems don’t make money. They are just products for collectors to boost Nintendo’s image.
    About Amiibo I don’t know. Maybe if they overproduce them they lose appeal? Don’t know about it.


    1. “Classic systems don’t make money. They are just products for collectors to boost Nintendo’s image.” I don’t like this approach, why don’t support them for a longer time?

      With Amiibo they should give everyone the opportunity to get the figures they want. Nintendo should open their own pre-orders right after the announcement and base production on the pre-orders. Maybe they can even make it so that retailers can make pre-orders which they can extend to their customers.


      1. Because, since you don’t make much money out of it, it fires back. Many games + hardware at less than 100$ means peanuts.
        You want a limited production to let people say ‘cool Nintendo’ and then let them buy your high priced and profitable products.

        I’m open to Amiibo, eventually they can raise production for them. Hopefully they will retain the same value in customers eyes.


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