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RiME Heading To Nintendo Switch In November

Grey Box, Six Foot and independent developer Tequila Works have announced that their captivating puzzle adventure game RiME will launch on Nintendo Switch™ on Nov. 14 in North America and Nov. 17 in European territories. It will be available digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 / €34.99 / £29.99.

A special physical edition of RiME, containing the full game and a digital download code for its sweeping, evocative original score by David García Díaz, will be available at retailers for $39.99 / €44.99 / £39.99.

“As big fans of Nintendo, we truly appreciate our fans’ patience as Tantalus and Tequila Works continue working on RiME on Nintendo Switch; we are all committed to making sure all players get the high-quality experience they deserve,” said Raúl Rubio Munárriz, CEO and creative director of Tequila Works.

RiME is an emotional journey of discovery inspired by literature like The Little Prince, the films of Studio Ghibli and Ray Harryhausen, the art of Joaquín Sorolla, and the gorgeous terrain of the Mediterranean coast. As a young boy shipwrecked alone on a mysterious island, players will explore a world of natural beauty filled with wild creatures, ancient ruins and thoughtful puzzles that play with light, sound, perspective and time.

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11 thoughts on “RiME Heading To Nintendo Switch In November”

  1. £40 for physical. They should be selling the special edition for this price. I’ll probably pick this up digitally which is something I don’t usually do. Otherwise might wait for the price to come down on the standard physical version.

    But thinking about it, is this even any good?

    1. well, actually there is a Switch Special Edition Spain exclusive at 49 euros. It comes with a map, artbook and soundtrack. In amazon Spain is sold out, same as GAME and El Corte Inglés and FNAC.

  2. Wow, that…. Took them far too long. There’s numerous developers who mention the ease of development for the Switch, and this game is already available on other consoles. I don’t get it.

    1. Switch port began later than the XB1 and Ps versions. So from the start, it would have been delayed. Switch has now almost 5 million consoles sold (4.9 I think)…That number could easily reach 7 million until november, especially after Mario Odyssey. I think they decided to wait, and have more potential buyers. We could be talking easily a 2 times bigger install base (since may/june till november). This game might be an “indie”, or glorified indie, but Tequilla has like 60 employees. Let’s be realistic…6 months for a Switch version? No way.

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