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Splatoon 2 Runs 30 Percent Slower Than The First Game On Wii U

Splatoon 2 builds on the original Splatoon experience in various ways, including additional content and updated visuals. However, its online component is “considerably worse” in a number of categories. For example, the sequel runs at an update rate of approximately 16Hz, which means that it is actually running at exactly 30 percent slower than the first title on Wii U. One way that this could be amended is if Nintendo establishes dedicated servers, which could potentially be implemented down the line.



    1. IDK about all the specs but I play both very frequently and from experience, I can tell that there are bad differences (online wise). S1 runs well and processes your shots and inkage faster but your more likely to experience (all around) lag. With S2, I noticed that most of the time the opponents are able to somehow move inside ink even though we just inked that area. So it’s like the game takes a while to process the inkage. S2 has less lag of course but the lobby/matchmaking WaitTime is unbearable. :(

    1. Read the source article ! It claim the game run on peer to peer and that there is NO SEVER ! Which is the real info here – as Nintendo plan to ask us to pay for those nonexistent servers in the near futur – can’t wait for developers answer on this source article.

      1. That’s what I was thinking. I can’t believe Splatoon is running Peer to Peer like For Honor. Wow, could explain some things…

      2. @strranders

        NAT refers to the security setting of your connection, with NAT 1 meaning no security, NAT 2 meaning some security, and NAT 3 meaning high security. I don’t know much about getting Internet from your phone/mobile network, but on a home router, it can typically be changed for each individual IP under (advanced) settings.

        Most online games require NAT 1 or NAT 2, since the higher security of NAT 3 may block or delay the high and rapid volume of data packets online gaming requires. Another workaround is to open the Port Forwarding settings and create an exception, essentially telling your router to not apply the security on a specific port for a specific IP. Which port(s) an online game use may vary and would require a lookup (ie, the original Doom uses Port 666).

    2. clickbaiting and they have no idea of howe the data is moviong in that 16hz so they have no idea what ping data speed is actually going

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  1. I’ve barely played Splatoon, and I’m not a shooter person, but at face value this doesn’t look to be a “better/worse” paradigm. The speed at which games run changes their feel and strategy, but unless driven to extremes they’re rarely a statement of quality.

    1. Cheapen it? Good lord. It costs money to maintain good servers. So what if the best online experience comes when you have to pay for it, that’s the whole point of paying for service. And for crying out loud, it’s less than $2 a month. Get over it.

      1. But paying for online would require having money, too much to ask for the glorious PC Masterrace who waits for Steam sales and emulates everything else.

      2. Read the source article ! It claim the game run on peer to peer and that there is NO SEVER ! Which is the real info here – as Nintendo plan to ask us to pay for those nonexistent servers in the near futur – can’t wait for developers answer on this source article.

      3. It also costs devs money for electricity to have lights and computers on at work . Devs also need to eat food which also costs money. They also need transportation to go to and from work which also costs money. I wonder who pays for this. Man you guys are a bunch of morons.

      4. The price of the game cover those costs. If we pay for online service is for Nintendo to provide servers for online play. If there is no server like the source article claim – that’s a problem no ? However while I don’t think I am a morron , I accept the fact that only the dev could really tel us how splatoon online services works and why we should pay for them.

      5. That’s kinda the problem though. It does cost money to maintain good servers indeed. Do you think $2 a month is gonna be enough for Nintendo to be able to warrant what’s the entire point of paying for online in the first place?
        I personally don’t mind paying for it, if that truly means they will fix the terrible online multiplayer service they have right now and turn it into an enjoyable environment. But at the same time, I’m not sure if that’s really going to happen, honestly. I want to be optimistic about it all, but I’ll hold my horses, and see how they handle it once the paid system actually is out.

    1. It’s clearly not an issue, and it’s going to run faster online when the service shows up. It’s not like Splatoon 1 didn’t run like this when it first went online either.

      1. It amazes me how the mind of a fanboy works. Do you honestly think that if Nintendo had any intention of rolling out dedicated servers for their online service, that they would just sit on that info and not tell anyone? I suppose that’s just not a big enough selling point to tide over the people who are rightfully lambasting the service.
        You have to pay hundreds of dollars just to access Nintendo’s little ecosystem, then $60 a pop on top of that per game (not counting all the dlc and amiibo they’re constantly rolling out, but that’s another issue). Now they simply want a slice of that online pie and force you to pay for the internet you already got shaken down for by your ISP. All this just so they can deliver a worse online experience than their previous console, which wasn’t good either.
        It costs Nintendo nothing to provide peer to peer connections. This Splatoon’s online runs demonstrably worse than the first game. Nintendo tried to get around that by enforcing region locking, which causes the wait in lobbies, that you can’t do anything in, to skyrocket. Its not uncommon to wait only to come up short on players, especially at high ranks. If it’s already this bad now, I fear for what it might look like a month or two down the line. Disconnects have also been far more frequent than the first Splatoon.
        Nothing Nintendo has said or done has given any reasonable person cause to expect this situation to improve once they start forcing you to pay to access online. To try and believe otherwise is hopelessly delusional. Hold Nintendo to the standards you came to love them for, or you’ll inevitably find yourself disillusioned.

      2. Splatoon 1 wasn’t slow, plus we’re talking about an older game which it’s expected to be inferior to the sequel, yet it’s not.

      1. I can’t speak for PS4’s servers, but xBox live delivers a solid online experience.

      2. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*} says:

        This, ladies & gentleman, is what we call a deflection to damage control someone else’s crappy internet servers. *claps* Even if you have been off a Nintendo system long enough to know if the PS4’s servers are horrible, it doesn’t change how shitty Nintendo’s might end up being.

  2. Read the source article ! It claim the game run on peer to peer and that there is NO SEVER ! Which is the real info here – as Nintendo plan to ask us to pay for those nonexistent servers in the near futur – can’t wait for developers answer on this source article.

    1. I don’t know if I’d call that “news” or “claim”, it was obvious to most slightly tech-savvy people.

    2. There has to be some server, even if not dedicated to the game. You can’t set up a peer-to-peer connection unless each peer recognizes and can find the other. In this case, it’s more likely that each member would ping a Nintendo-operated server, and that server would determine who has the best connection and connect everybody else to that peer (or if more complicated, run a web of connections rather than 1-to-7).

  3. ||Irrelevant source, it doens’t matter in the end, I make things run 6000% faster for everyone chased by my ruthless killing spree…||

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