Nintendo Pokemon

A New Meter Tall Exeggutor Collectable Has Been Revealed

A new Exeggutor collectable figure is now on sale from Bandai. It’s part of a new collection of toys in Japan called the Great Giant Pokemon – and is certainly larger than the average figurine. Standing approximately 109 centimetres tall (that’s 3.57 feet), the scale of the model is around 1/10 in comparison to the Alolan Exeggutor’s height in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If you’re interested in making a purchase and you aren’t worried about the shipping costs that such a large item will entail, you can purchase one at approximately £208 ($270). Sale starts today, although shipping will begin in January 2018. While the sheer size of the figure is a little bit intimidating, it’s quite the treasure for fans of the swaying egg-faced palm tree. It may be an expensive collectable, but it’s definitely, shall we say, eggciting(And you thought you’d managed to avoid eggy puns.)

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