Nintendo Switch

Here’s The Sonic Mania Launch Trailer

Sonic Mania launches tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch and of course Sonic fans are super excited to see the return of 2D Sonic in the retro themed platformer. To celebrate the upcoming launch SEGA has released the launch trailer for the game which gives players a good idea of what to expect from the latest entry in the established Sonic franchise. Reviews are already starting to pour in and they are mainly very positive so that’s extremely encouraging. Check out the super-fast action below!



  1. Amazon says the special edition Switch version I preordered in January will arrive Thursday. So I’ll guess I’ll be playing it this weekend. Really looking forward to having a good Sonic game to play.

    *wow, while telling this I just got a notification that it should arrive tomorrow, even better.

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  2. i preordered this game over 6 months ago for PS4 from Amazon and i have no info still from them about shipment. Yet i have to watch a bunch of people playing it on PS4 already WTF.


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