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Grant Kirkhope Talks About Composing Music For Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

As you are all probably aware, the legendary Grant Kirkhope, who is best known for composing the soundtrack to the wonderful Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64, is back and is composing the music for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch. Mr. Kirkhope sat down with Games Master magazine to discuss the musical scores he has created for the game which is due to be released at the end of the month.

“I thought there’s really no point – I mean same with Banjo-Kazooie – there was no point [in] me trying to write in a kind of Nintendo, Mario style, like a poppy, jazzy thing, because I can’t do it very well. And they’re really brilliant at it, I’d be wasting my time. So, I had to try to come up with some kind of way of getting that crazy Rabbids thing into this Mario game – and a little bit of me in there as well…

I think the game at the start does sound very pleasant Nintendo-ish, but as the game progresses (and I can’t go into detail because, you know, it’s one of those thing[s]) it just definitely changes. And I think people will be surprised by the end of it how it’s going to turn out.”

“It’s a mix, it’s a bit like Mario Galaxy, but we’re hoping for that mix. So, we recorded 45 minutes, 50 minutes of live orchestra, and the rest of it’s me, samples out the box kind of thing. But I’ve got to say… I was over there yesterday and Wednesday and we were going through the OST release and going through all the tracks, you know, and the mix and the masters [have] been very good, it’s very similar. I think people who aren’t in the know might be slightly confused to what’s live orchestra and what isn’t.”




    1. i thought the news about him composing for this game was old news, either way it is nice to see him composing because i really like what he composes because of DK 64 and Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie. i will actually buy this game because the toss=Disgaea and the music.

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      1. I haven’t see him. I saw that scene where the Ubisoft guy crying because he did what Lord Miyamoto asked, create a Mario game completely different.


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