Nintendo Switch

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Dev On Lack Of Wii U Version, 2 Player Co-Op & More

TT Games have confirmed a few details in an interview with NintendoLife about Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. One of those details is that each player will be able to use a singular Joy-Con when playing the game in 2 player co-op. This will be a welcome addition to fans of Lego City: Undercover as that title required the additional player to have a Pro Controller or another set of Joy-Cons to play. TT Games also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version will be “feature for feature” exactly the same as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

The developer also touched on why they’re not bringing Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 to Wii U or any other of the last-gen systems:

“With this game and the other Lego title this year we’ve moved on to the next generation which enables us to push the boundary of what’s possible by making the most of the new hardware”




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